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When a man tells you you deserve better

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When a guy says you deserve better, believe him. It is not that he is not good enough. It is just that he knows he cannot give you what you are looking for. He is telling you that he isn't ready to become a better person for you, someone that does deserve you.



He Said I Deserve Better – What He Really Means Is This…

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Everyone says that men are inherently simple creatures. They think with about 3 things all the time: sex, food and sleep.

But that's not always true, at least women don't think so. We're constantly confused about what they're saying to us and what the true meaning behind their words are. Just like men are confused about what we mean , we're just as confused about what they mean. That's what happens when you're dealing with the opposite sex, they're always a mystery!

But luckily, women and even men themselves have started to decode the mysterious male language so that we can begin to know exactly what they mean even when they're saying something completely different. In the next few pages I'll go through some of most common things guys say on the first date , during an argument , when he's flirting , when you're going out , and during a breakup and what he really means when he says it. If the date is going well, this question might come up but it definitely doesn't mean exactly what he's saying.

He's really just feeling insecure when he asks this question on a first date. He's trying to figure out if there's a reason he should be running in the other direction. How many times have you heard a guy talk about his ex as if she was the most insane person in the world?

Yeah, probably pretty often. This might even come on a first date if talking about exes end up on the table. Most guys will immediately say that their ex was totally crazy and that's why the relationship failed. Their relationship didn't end well but he'd rather blame it all on her than admit he had some faults too. Porn is still a taboo subject. Guys get criticized for watching too much of it and girls get criticized for watching it at all.

There's really no way to win on the subject of porn, but it could come up on a date at some point. If it does, he'll probably deny that he watches it at all. If he says he doesn't watch porn, he's straight up lying to you.

He definitely watches a lot of porn, most likely more than once a day. Maybe in the past he was caught by a girlfriend and from now on he doesn't want to admit it because he's afraid you'll judge him or freak out about it. The subject of what you both want from a relationship is bound to come up on the first date.

It's good to set expectations for your relationship and make sure both people are on the same page. However, guys pull the 'I'm not looking for anything serious right now' line so often it's almost cliche at this point. If he says he's not looking for anything serious right now, he definitely means it. It's best not to assume he's just not sure or that he'll change his mind eventually. Nope, he's just looking for someone to jump into bed with him for a while and then move on before things get serious.

At least he's being honest though. During an argument, a lot of guys will say that they're not angry at something that they're fighting about. Women will automatically think that they're lying and they just don't want to admit it because that's what we do, but sometimes that's not true for guys. He might be a little angry in the moment about whatever you're arguing about, but guys are different from girls because they don't hold onto things for that long.

He'll get over whatever he's angry about in like 10 minutes so if you let it go, he'll let it go that much faster. When you're in an argument and your guy says something that seriously pisses you off, you're going to get angrier. He'll most likely try to backtrack by saying that he didn't mean what he said and that he actually meant something else completely.

He really didn't expect you to take whatever he said so badly so now he has to try to take back what he said. He probably does mean what he said but he really just doesn't want you to freak out anymore. If you hear this line, it's probably best to run in the opposite direction because this is not what they mean at all.

This is actually a really manipulative line that a lot of guys use on women to make them think they're crazier than they really are. It's a form of gaslighting, which is a tactic that manipulators use to gain power over someone else.

It dismisses your feelings even though they're completely valid. So watch out for this one and run in the opposite direction if you hear it! After an argument is over, or a guy wants it to be over, he'll end it with an apology to try to move on as fast as possible. Maybe he'll even include chocolates or flowers to try to make up for whatever argument that you two had and show you that he really cares. He probably doesn't regret whatever it was that made you argue in the first place, whether it was that you caught him texting another girl, ditched you to hang out with his friends, or didn't call you back when he said he would.

He just sees that you're upset and he knows he has to apologize to get past it. This is a classic compliment that men give women when they're flirting. It's also one that women love receiving from someone they think they're attracted to but aren't quite sure yet. It's a great way to start hitting on someone. I don't want to be a creep and compliment your body so the next best thing is complimenting your eyes. This way you know that I'm into you but that I'm a respectable guy so that I don't scare you off.

If you're flirting and it's time to move onto setting up a real date, coffee is the go-to move. You want to continue getting to know each other and continue flirting so setting up a date is a no-brainer. Coffee is a good first date option because you don't have to commit to having an entire meal with that person.

Maybe the date goes badly and you both want a way to leave whenever you want without the pressure of having to make awkward small talk while you wait for the bill. It's also a good way to keep things casual.

A lot of guys are adamant about not liking girls who wear tons of makeup these days. They're all about the 'natural look' and know what you look like when you wake up in the morning sans foundation and mascara. He really has no idea what he's talking about when he says he'd rather you not wear makeup because chances are he can't tell the difference when you do and when you don't. He can tell when you go hard core with the makeup though and some guys prefer girls to go with a more natural look.

But who really cares right? Maybe you're out at a bar with your friends and you run into a guy you're friendly with. Or you bring up a guy friend in conversation with him. Chances are he's going to ask you about your relationship with that guy.

What he really wants to know is if you've ever slept with that guy. He could be asking because he's threatened or feels jealous of him or maybe he just thinks he looks like a jerk and is questioning your standards. Could be either one, honestly. This sure does sound like a really nice compliment, right?

Well, I'm sure he does mean it but he definitely has another meaning behind this one. Chances are you've tried on at least 20 outfits and asked him how you look in every single one of them. Then you took an additional hour to do your makeup and maybe even too some selfies because you looked amazing. At this point he really just wants to leave the house now. When you go out, sometimes your guy just wants to let loose and enjoy himself. If he's a drinker, maybe he'll end up taking it too far and you'll end up asking him how much he drank and whether he's already plastered.

If you ask him if he's drunk he's automatically going to tell you that he's completely find and totally sober. This is a straight up lie, he's wasted. He lies because he doesn't want you to get annoyed at him even though he knows he's going to act like a drunk idiot for the rest of the night while you take care of him.

Every now and then you're going to head out with your girls to drink, gossip and talk about boys until you end up at the local pizza shop scarfing down greasy slices. He'll say that he wishes you two could have hung out but he knows spending time with your girlfriends is important to you. When you go out for a night with the girls , he feels free to go out for a night on the town with the boys without feeling guilty about it.

He can drink as much as he wants and act like a total idiot with his buddies without embarrassing himself in front of you or you getting annoyed with him. He's probably not saying that he doesn't like your outfit, he actually really likes it. Most of the time guys won't have any opinion on your clothes at all but sometimes they'll voice their opinions when you're going out in something extra slinky.

I'm sure he loves whatever you're wearing but he feels uncomfortable by the fact that other guys will love it too. He's just insecure that you'll find someone better when you dress up extra nice. If you're hearing this then you're most likely being broken up with. Guys can be really sneaky when they're breaking up with someone because they really want to avoid dealing with your feelings at all costs.

He probably knows how good of a person you are but he just can't measure up in the relationship. He can't handle the pressure of a real relationship and knows you deserve better. He can't give you the time, effort or commitment he knows you want and deserve so he's telling you to move on.

So go do it! Maybe this is true, but it probably isn't. If a guy really likes you and wants to see you, then he'll make the time to do it. So if he pulls out this line, you should know that it's probably the end of the relationship. It's harsh but it's the truth. If he really likes you, he'll push everything aside to spend all his time with you. So if he doesn't do this, he just isn't into it.

Sure, couples take breaks all the time and get back together.

For guys that say to their girlfriends, “You deserve better than me.”

So he said I deserve better? What does this really mean they ask. Should they keep trying to reassure him? Sadly that is exactly what they try to do.

I guess I never do believe them the first time. I hear the words.

Second , this is an insult to her. Third , by saying this, you get to avoid taking responsibility for your fear and insecurities. Investigate what drives this kind of statement. Get outside help to see what you are not seeing. Fourth , you are putting yourself down.

Believe Him When He Says You Deserve Someone Better

When we were at the end of our relationship, he acted like he was the problem. He told me that I deserved a better man than him, which was true… but then he turned right around and became that better man for another woman. I should have listened to him. When he said I deserved better, it made me feel like he still cared about me but I was only hearing what I wanted to hear. After all the time we spent together, he found someone new within two weeks of our breakup. He acted like he wanted to be free and single but then he turned around into another serious relationship. I thought he just wanted a break from being a boyfriend but apparently, he just wanted a permanent break from me. It was just an excuse for him to be terrible to me. He treated me like I was nothing but then said things to make me feel like he still cared. In reality, he treated me like crap because I meant nothing to him and it took me way too long to realize that.

What “You Deserve Better” Really Means

Dating someone new always feels great. But despite how good you feel about things, the early stages of your relationship are when you might want to be the most cautious. According to relationship experts, one of the biggest mistakes people make early on is ignoring the signs their partner isn't "The One. For example, if your new partner constantly forgets to call you when they say they will or they cancel plans last minute, this is an early sign that they might not be reliable long-term.

Everyone says that men are inherently simple creatures. They think with about 3 things all the time: sex, food and sleep.

What the hell does it even mean? At first, it can leave you confused and hurt But if you take the time to understand it, it actually makes a lot of sense. You DO deserve better.

If Your Partner Does These 8 Things Early On, You Deserve Better

If he wanted to be that person, he would be doing it on his own, not because you asked him to. If it was your desire to get married someday or your over emotional capacity. When he tells you that he is a jerk, or a douchebag, or emotionally unavailable, do not think it is your place to fix him- or whatever flaws he is certain he cannot fix on his own- to make the relationship better.

Jayson 27 Comments. Second , this is an insult to her. Third , by saying this, you get to avoid taking responsibility for your fear and insecurities. Investigate what drives this kind of statement. Get outside help to see what you are not seeing. Fourth , you are putting yourself down.

What He Says Vs. What He Actually Means


Mar 17, - When someone tells you that you deserve better, they are telling you to move on because they don't care enough.


When He Tells You That You Deserve Better, You Deserve To Believe Him







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