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What to look for in a womens mountain bike

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What type of bike, how much to spend and what to look out for. By Aoife Glass. Mountain bikes are designed for discovering the off-road environment. No cars to worry about — unlike your road-cycling counterparts — just you, your bike and the trail in front of you. A capable and stable bike that gives a composed and feedback-rich ride feel. Its composure can disguise the speed this bike can get up to.

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Learn What to Look for When Buying a New Bike

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What type of bike, how much to spend and what to look out for. By Aoife Glass. Mountain bikes are designed for discovering the off-road environment.

No cars to worry about — unlike your road-cycling counterparts — just you, your bike and the trail in front of you. A capable and stable bike that gives a composed and feedback-rich ride feel. Its composure can disguise the speed this bike can get up to. Fantastically fun to ride, the Joplin handled every trail we threw it at, including a few downhill tracks! With mm travel front and rear, the Rhyme sits more towards the all-mountain end of the trail spectrum.

The ride feel is fun, fast and responsive with plenty of grip and traction provided by those plus-sized tyres. The ride feel is fun and flickable, and ready to take on aggressive trail riding, but taller women and those who sit towards the top end of a size range may want to go up a size. Pretty much unbeatable for the money, the Calibre Bossnut Ladies bike combines carefully considered components to give the best performance for the money along with a well-designed frame.

Redesigned for , it boasts an incredibly sure-footed, stable-yet-playful ride feel, based partly around a suspension system taken from the V10 downhill bike. There are many different types of mountain bike, all designed to suit particular types of terrain or riding. Another consideration is whether you want to purchase a hardtail or full-suspension mountain bike.

Most mountain bikes come with suspension, which just like suspension in a car is designed to absorb rough terrain to make the ride experience more comfortable and to give the tyres maximum traction on the ground.

Hardtail bikes have a rigid frame with suspension in the forks, while full-suspension bikes have suspension forks plus a suspension shock, which allows the rear wheel to move too.

Full-suspension bikes tend to be more expensive, but are better able to handle steep, rough and technical terrain. Hardtails are efficient at climbing, need less set-up and maintenance, are popular with cross-country riders and are well suited to most trail centres, bridleways and moderately technical terrain. Cross-country or XC mountain bikes are designed for speed off-road and usually consist of a lightweight, stiff frame and fast-rolling tyres.

These are perfect for people who like to go fast, for long distances, above all else. Trail mountain bikes are the most popular type of mountain bike because they are so versatile. Suspension travel is usually in the region of —mm, which gives more scope for tackling bigger features.

The geometry is more relaxed, putting the rider in a more stable and confidence-inspiring position on descents. Modern trail bikes also perform very well when pedalling uphill and you can expect either 29in or You can find both full-suspension and hardtail trail bikes.

Trail bikes are suitable for the majority of riding, from trail centres to natural terrain. Enduro and all-mountain bikes are increasingly popular, particularly with riders who like all-day adventures in mountain environments. Enduro racing sees riders tackle timed technical descents with untimed uphill liaison sections.

This demands a bike that can descend well — over more terrain than the average trail bike can handle — and climb competently, but the focus is on the downhill with a compromise on climbing performance compared to say a trail bike or XC bike. This type of bike will usually be full-suspension, and will have more travel than a trail bike — around —mm.

Aside from enduro racing, this type of bike is great for riders who like technical terrain and long days out exploring natural trails and mountains. Like shoes and clothes, bikes come in different sizes to fit different people.

Mountain bikes generally use one of two sizing systems: either Small, Medium, Large etc. The first stage is to have a look at the manufacturers guidelines. This will usually give a recommended height range for each bike size.

The next stage is to give it a test ride and see how it feels — many shops will lend bikes out for demos, or host demo events, that will allow you to do this. Getting the correct size of bike frame is the most important part for a fun, efficient and comfortable bike. This will be based on research conducted by the company itself, from global body dimension databases, and rider testing and feedback, and takes into account elements such as a different average height to weight ratios, height ranges, body strength, flexibility, limb length, etc.

But do you need one? Budget is often one of the biggest factors when it comes to deciding which mountain bike to get. There are, however, a few things you should look out for:. That said, the following is a good starting point:.

Many retailers will discount their bikes in the middle of the year, which means you could get around 30 percent off. You can also save money by buying a second-hand bike online , though there are pitfalls to be aware of so you can avoid falling foul of them. Specialized and Trek are two major brands whose bikes are ubiquitous on trails around the world.

Canyon is a German direct-sell brand who produce a wide range of bikes with specs that are great value for money. In , it started developing a selection of bikes with a different geometry for female riders based on data it has collected from its online fit system, research, and using global body dimension databases. Some, but not all, of its WMN-model bikes have this type of frame design.

Juliana Bicycles is the sister company to California-based boutique brand Santa Cruz. Aoife is an experienced journalist, editor and product tester.

She enjoys putting the latest products through their paces, helping riders find the right kit for them and sharing the best advice, hints and tips to help them get the most out of riding. March 13, at am. The different types of mountain bike clockwise, starting top right cross-country, downhill, enduro, trail, hardtail Immediate Media Co. The Juliana Strega is a trail-slaying, confident and fun bike for all-mountain and enduro adventures Phill Hall.

Aoife Glass Women's Editor. Daily Deals. Matthew Loveridge Why you should try outdoor cycling. Bontrager WaveCel helmet tech trickles down to more affordable road and mountain lids. Is the Cannondale Scalpel razor sharp? You may also like. Buying Guides. Buyer's guide to women's bikes How to find the perfect bike. Best sunglasses for cycling 10 sets of shades rated and reviewed.

Buying your first mountain bike: the complete guide

Buying your first mountain bike can seem like a complex affair, with a huge variety of bikes at a staggeringly wide range of prices. While it's possible to spend thousands, you really don't need to break the bank to get out riding in the hills, but there are some key things you need to know to make sure you get the most for your money. It will have a weak, heavy frame made from low quality steel rather than lightweight aluminium and poor quality components that, while just about up to the task of riding towpaths or city streets, won't last very long if you take it on more challenging terrain. For your own peace of mind, it's worth investing a little more money to guarantee a good experience — the last thing you want is your bike failing miles away from anywhere. That might seem a lot, but you'll be guaranteed a bike that can deal with all but the most extreme terrain without falling apart after a couple of outings.

Thinking of buying a hardtail this year? Here's our guide to help you out Here's our TWC guide to children's mountain bike clothing which helps you find the best for the little rippers in your life.

Buying a bike is a great decision! You may cycle for fitness, fun, or health. You may ride off-road on trails and tracks. You may ride to get to work. You may race against your mates.

Best women’s mountain bikes

Username or Email Address. Remember Me. Login with Facebook. Recently I asked our female community on social media which mountain bikes they ride. The following 10 selections are arranged from the least amount of suspension travel to the most suspension travel. I was still a beginner mountain biker then but as soon as I tried a The Procaliber 9.

The 10 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes Right Now

If you take one fact from this entire article, or any article about buying mountain bikes, take this one. There is no anatomical reason why men and women should ride different types of mountain bike. The only real difference when it comes to men and women and choosing a mountain bike is that, on average, women do tend to weigh less and be shorter than men, and have some obvious anatomical differences in the seating department. Some truths about bikes are universal regardless of whether you are male or female.

If you're new to MTB, or a road rider looking for the thrills of hitting the dirt and going off-road, it's handy to know what to look for when it comes to finding the right mountain bike.

Insights by Reid - Blog. Mountain bikes are tough, capable bikes built to perform over all kinds of terrain. A mountain bike will let you have fun hitting bush singletrack, purpose built off-road trails and paths, gravel roads and even the urban jungle.

10 Best Women’s Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes are incredibly versatile all-terrain bikes. They feature higher volume tyres and suspension - this allows them to gain traction, and provide comfort, even on rough off-road trails. Within the mountain bike category there are numerous further variations; these include the level of suspension on the frame, the frame geometry itself, as well as the wheel size.

What can you Expect Riding Off Road? Well, just about anything! You'll find basic dirt roads like what you drive on sometimes, and more rugged roads—essentially just two tracks side by side with a strip of grass or gravel in the middle called double-tracks formed by the rare trucks that travel the road. And, then, there's every mountain biker's favorite, the singletrack trail, which is just wide enough for a single rider and usually as fun as riding a roller coaster because it zigs and zags, goes up and down and can include whoop-de-doos, drop-offs, berms and all manner of obstacles. Of course, you're usually in a somewhat remote location and should expect all terrain, too, from hardpacked dirt, to gravel, sand and mud, to even some pavement patches. And, you'll find many challenges, which can include very steep hills you'll have to walk up and down!

Best women’s bikes – a buyer’s guide to find what you need

From entry-level cross-country builds to those designed for more technical terrain , women-specific bikes now span the entire mountain bike spectrum. Geometry tweaks are giving all bikes, especially 29ers, lower standover heights, which makes them accessible to smaller riders. Big-travel bikes are better than ever at pedaling uphill, and many can now handle a range of conditions from technical trails to those found in bike parks. But most brands agree that the average woman is shorter and lighter than the average man. Other brands, like Liv and Canyon, take it a step further, as they believe women are best served by frames tuned based on empirical research of female musculature. These unisex-bike manufacturers have moved toward making their smaller bikes better for shorter, lighter riders all around by tuning the frame and using suspension technology to address those differences and create a bike that rides best for you based on your size, rather than your gender. Those bikes, like Juliana options from Santa Cruz, had grips, seats, bars, and a shock tuned for women. But Yeti found that riders usually swap out those parts anyway based on personal preference.

Apr 23, - Whether you want to tackle trail centres or venture out for an all-mountain adventure, there's a women's mountain bike designed for you but of.

By Aoife Glass. We break it all down, helping you decide what bike will suit your needs and budget, plus steer you towards plenty of advice and info such as whether you should wear underwear under padded cycling shorts to help you get out and riding. Nearly every bike company makes bikes specifically targeted at women. Some will have a distinct frame design that the companies say suit female riders better, while others will have a unisex frame. However, there are a few features most will have in common:.

Mountain Bike Buying Guide

While you can buy dedicated women's mountain bikes, any guide for a woman should begin with one fact: women don't necessarily need a women's bike. Like men, what they need is a bike that fits them well and works with their own body shape, whatever that may be. In general, women are shorter and lighter than men, often with a proportionally shorter torso and longer limbs than men, though of course this varies greatly.






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