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The woman in white 1997

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The Woman in White (1997)

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This movie scared me! It was pretty intense viewing at times. Great review, Laurie! I felt that the movie added mature themes to try to modernize it and I did not appreciate that. It is an awesome, suspenseful story on it's own and it doesn't need to be about child abuse to make it watchable! I haven't read the book, but I do like reading your insightful film reviews.

Thanks for sharing. For some reason the images aren't appearing in the post right now. Click on the blank image to see the photo. In other words, is it just disturbing or could it actually be inappropriate?

Haha, I hope I'm making sense. I've read the novel and I've just watched the TV version and as usual, the latter disappoints. On hearing Marian being addressed as Ms.

Fairlie is so, so inaccurate, the same with the insinuation that Anne was sexually abused by Sir Percival notwithstanding that he's got a beastly character is another inaccuracy that I can't understand why it had to be added.

While it is true that it was one long piece of work and that making a video version is very difficult, I still find the deviations from the real story unforgivable. To me what is acceptable is missing out on some details, but please not adding the same that was probably the furthest from the genius of Wilkie Collin's mind.

The only consolation I derived from watching classics like these is the chance to put some flesh in the characters, an appreciation of their environs, their costume, etc. Had this been an original work, then bravo, but since this claims to be based on the novel that bears the same title, then I must reiterate my disappointment.

Thank you. I just finished the audio book and must recommend it for those who want to let their imaginations be the casting director that keeps as close to the writers character descriptions as possible. It is a little wearing to plod through the flowery, proper journal-entry narrative of the period but the richness of its language puts your right in the middle of a very thick plot more than any movie could. I love audio books for being such wonderful catalysts to the imagination where star and production budgets are unlimited.

Count Fosco and Fredrick Farlie deserve to be experienced to the max as the book's words invite and the audio book narrator fulfills. You just want to smack them both Post a Comment. Search My Blog. So in this review I want to particularly address why I've put an asterick next to it on the "Old-Fashioned Films" page marking it has having an objectionable themes or scenes. I want to point out the good points, bad points and whether to see or not see.

Synopsis: The story of two sisters so unalike but so completely devoted to each other. Marian Fairlie, the older sister, is a bold modern woman, with a skeptical view of life.

She is protective of her younger sister Laura who is sweet, naive and trusting. Their story begins when their uncle highers young Mr.

Hartright to teach them art. Hartright is enchanted by Laura and befriends both girls until the startling testimony of a servant girl casts a shadow on his character and he is dismissed. Thus begins a series of strange events which continues with the strange babblings of "the woman in white", the half-crazed forest wanderer Anne Catherick.

Laura soon marries young Sir Percival Glide, a man Marian worries is only after her money. Marian spends a long visit her sister and brother-in-law where she also meets Count Fosco. There she begins to see the depths of evil she has feared, danger not primarily of body but of the mind. Can she keep her sister and her fortune safe and find out the mystery behind Anne Catherick's past? She'll have to stoop to underhanded inquiries and accept help from an old friend before the wrong is righted.

The Good: In this film the lines of good and evil are clearly drawn, especially in the end. The bad are punished and the good are rewarded. Though evil threatens to prevail many times, good will ultimately win the day. The sisterly devotion between Marian and Laura is very touching. Laura herself is the sweetest girl you'd every want to meet and it's hard to see bad things come her way. Marian turns out to be the heroine of sorts, and her devotion to her sister and to finding out the truth is commendable.

A sweet love story also develops during the film which adds a lovely ending, but the couple must go through many hardships before they're allowed to be happy at last. The Bad: Anne Catherick is the "woman in white" and her story is a very sad one. Laura's life is also full of misery after she marries, and though none of the abuse and manipulation is shown it is mentioned and bruises are shown.

No violence is ever shown on screen and threats are not physical but more of a mental vein. The suspense in the film reminds me of an Alfred Hitchcock film - you don't need blood and gore to make a film suspenseful and scary! There is a scene toward the end of the film that is very scary, but it turns out that the bad guy gets what he deserves. Marian does quite a bit of hiding and creeping about, and she also has to do some underhanded things such as threatening a doctor with scandal to find out the truth.

I wouldn't recommend this film for viewers under 16 years of age, simply for the themes of abuse and suspense that run through the film. Sets and costumes are all lovely! Music is very fitting for the story and ambiance. Acting is exceptional, just what one would expect from a BBC period drama. There are many recognizable faces. Here are just a few and a bit about the characters they portray: Tara Fitzgerald as Marian Fairlie - Marian is a strong personality and a loving older sister.

Actress Tara Fitzgerald seems to have spent much time in period dramas many of which I haven't seen. Her performance in The Woman in White is similar to the character she plays in The Tennant of Wildfell Hall but she does a marvelous job as always.

Justine Waddell as Laura Fairlie - A timid and shy young lady who is all sweetness and quick to form affections. Ms Waddell's performance is excellent as always and she totally makes this film for me.

The beauty and sweetness she portrays throughout the film really balances the evil. This is though a completely different role from my favorite role of her's Molly Gibson in Wives and Daughters.

Andrew Lincoln as Mr. Harding - The sister's art tutor who falls in love with Laura. He's an all-around nice guy and I wish he had even more screen time then he does. Sadly actor Lincoln has been in only one other period role that I recognize Edgar Linton in Wuthering Heights , a film which I just couldn't watch all the way through. Have I ever told you how much I dislike that story?

Very interesting! Simon Callow as Count Fosco - A seemingly pleasant foreigner on the surface, Count Fosco is actually a very dangerous man. I remember reading on Wikipedia about the book and how he was quite like a Moriarty Sherlock Holmes's nemesis character, one of the most evil villains ever created.

Actor Simon Callow is a veteran actor and does a spectacular job at making this character believable. The countess is to Poirot what Irene Adler is to Sherlock Holmes - the woman criminal who almost outwits the brilliant detective. This actress also has a short role in The Forsyte Saga.

While this is a very well done story and I do highly recommend it, I would say watch with caution. As stated above, because of themes of abuse and the great suspense in the film, I would recommend this to only viewers aged 16 and up. My sister is 14 and I would not recommend this for her even though she has seen murder mystery. While violence and physical abuse are never shown on scene those themes strongly underlie the mystery surrounding Anne Catherick and the treatment of Laura by her husband.

All in all it is a lovely film and not to be missed! There are many things in it's favor, even just good old-fashioned story telling. Lots of old-fashioned charm! Comments and questions are always welcome! Email This BlogThis! This post was:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

The Woman In White time, cast, channel and the book it’s based on

The Woman in White E1 of 5. About Episode Guide. The BBC has made a fair stab of a version with this four-parter starring Ben Hardy as impressionable young artist Walter Hartright, who is engaged by an irascible old man to restore a series of drawings and to teach two half-sisters, Marian Halcombe and Laura Fairlie, to paint. There are a couple of clumsy attempts to make it a bit feminist-y and modern, but the essential creepiness is there. Summary New series.

Marian in The Woman in White is written with a moustache — which vanished in the new TV version, just like the imperfections of many literary characters on camera. In the book, Wilkie Collins keeps Marian Halcombe at the home, moving in with her sister Laura and brother-in-law Walter to become a surrogate parent to their children and, according to some literary critics, throwing a semi-incestuous sapphic spanner in to the works. The BBC adaptation instead whisked Marian away to go travelling around the world — possible, although not easy for a single woman in the 19th century.

It follows the story of Walter Hartright, an art teacher who has an encounter with the titular woman — a mysterious, distressed character — while he is in London, and is told later she has escaped from an asylum. However matters become even more complicated after he heads to Cumberland to work for land-owner Frederick Fairlie — and discovers that his niece Laura, who lives with him and her devoted half-sister Marian Halcombe, bears a stark resemblance to the woman he met in London. The pair fall in love — despite Laura being betrothed to another man, Sir Percival Glyde — and they marry, but Anne soon becomes involved in their lives after it transpires she knows a secret about her new husband that will ruin his life. From there, things take an even darker turn with switched identities, unexpected deaths and a plot which becomes even more complex.

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Plot: Based upon Wilkie Collins Victorian mystery, the gothic tale tells of a pair of half sisters whose lives end up caught in a grand conspiracy revolving around a mentally ill woman dressed in white. As the story unfolds, murder, love, marriage, and greed stand between the two women and happy lives. Their only hope is the secret the woman in white waits to tell them. Please note that a product being listed on our website does not necessarily mean it is in stock and readily available for order. Our catalog is built as a reference for our customers, while we do our best to sync our in-stock items on our website. Our representative will get in touch with the customer with the availability of the items when an order is placed. As a professional and reputable online store, DVD Planet Store is fully committed to the twin issues of copyright and trademarks. Please read our notice and takedown policy by clicking here. Should an item be unavailable, we would inform you if it was possible to provide an on-Demand DVD-R version of the requested item, but we offer no guarantees. We would not make any profit out of such sale.

Screened out: why TV and film glam up plain women in books

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Based upon Wilkie Collins Victorian mystery, the gothic tale tells of a pair of half sisters whose lives end up caught in a grand conspiracy revolving around a mentally ill woman dressed in white. As the story unfolds, murder, love, marriage, and greed stand between the two women and happy lives.

Unlike the epistolary style of the novel, the 2-hour dramatisation uses Marian as the main character. She bookends the film with her narration. Laura's mother died, leaving Laura an inheritance which she will receive when she comes of age.

Full Cast & Crew

Running out of binge-worthy content? Fear not—Hulu just re-upped their streaming offerings with great new shows and movies. See the full list. In Victorian England, Laura and her half-sister Marian are entwined in a terrifying web of deceit.

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The Woman in White

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Artist Walter Hartright (Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead) comes to Limmeridge House to instruct half-sisters Marian (Tara Fitzgerald, Brassed Off) and Laura  Rating: - ‎90 reviews.

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This movie scared me! It was pretty intense viewing at times. Great review, Laurie!

Based upon Wilkie Collins Victorian mystery, the gothic tale tells of a pair of half sisters whose lives end up caught in a grand conspiracy revolving around a mentally ill woman dressed in white. For a better experience on MUBI, update your browser. Now Showing Library Feed Notebook.





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