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Im the girl you love to hate

Poor little me. Followed around by reporters at my door. Poor little me, oh so starved for attention. Fucking please.

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I’m The ‘Rich’ Girl You Love To Hate And You’re All Idiots For It

Stuff that makes seasoned writers squirm uncomfortably in their desk chairs. I first wanted to write about skinny shaming when I joined Scoot a Doot in November of In a room filled with people who had struggled with varying degrees of obesity, I stood up and said something that was received with mixed reactions. I asked them to please stop shaming the skinny people for being skinny. That fanned my courage to write this post, and I hope it helps folks understand what skinny shaming means and how hurtful it can be.

I understand how it might be perceived that way. I really, really do. Hence why I generally follow the taboo and try not to talk about my body on the blog.

I try to be sensitive to the feelings and situations of folks who have the opposite experience that I do. A double standard, you say? Complaining about being skinny would be incredibly insensitive. Allow me to elaborate on what I mean by double standard. But, and this is a BIG but, we shame skinny people all the time without a thought. How is that possible? You have a lot of weight to lose. You must eat all the time! You must never eat! I was at a greasy spoon truck stop and I ordered the chicken fried steak, eggs, hash browns, and pancakes.

And I. Right in front of her, the snarkey commentator. I base this conclusion on comments from newly formed acquaintances that never evolved into anything more. She must have been in her sixties, and she still found room in her heart to be jealous of my then 26 year-old figure. I am not. A woman actually said that to me when we were introduced. They prove it by ignoring me and choosing not to interact with me or talk to me.

You disgust me because you have something I want. You disgust me because I feel shitty about myself. You disgust me because being seen with you makes me feel shittier about myself. Do you see the huge, glaring double standard here? Sorry to dash your hopes of body acceptance. There will always be someone who will say something to tear you down. Case in point, I have another friend who is gorgeous and in-shape and she hears it too. Why does it always have to be about vanity?

I feel horrible for young girls and women who are struggling to accept themselves and their own bodies. We all know the answer is to love yourself, for yourself. In a perfect world, we would all accept ourselves first, others second, and then focus on building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Share your body shaming story with me in the comments. HUGS for writing this! I can truly relate and I am so glad that you finally said something. Thanks Karen!! I seriously cannot believe the comment you got when pregnant. Then again, I can totally believe it. Like being thin would be more important than being healthy to you at the time or ever, frankly.

Just not cool. I understand about tops completely. I have a hard time finding bras and jeans. Yay for leggings! I understand an empathize with the examples that you give and that body shaming broadly speaking shames all bodies, not simply the ones that are fat. The thing that I get snagged on is when you imply that the privilege you experience as a thin person is but an illusion.

Think about it as the difference between being ambulatory without assistance and having a wheelchair. In a fundamental way, the world was designed with your body in mind, ADA be damned. So, the thing is, I have never been shamed the way you are. I have lived my life being told to eat less, to lose weight, and to be uncomfortable in my body. I temporarily lose weight and know from the shift in treatment that thin me was treated better than fat me.

I appreciate your comments and perspective. We need to agree that all body shaming needs to stop before we can take on United Airlines and Disney. Which certainly needs to be done. My goal with this post is to promote an end the body shaming. It sounds like we agree on that point. Thank you for sharing that, and good for you for working to be healthy, whatever that looks like for you.

For some people skinny shaming is a ridiculously common occurrence. YASS, girl!!!! So, thanks for putting this out there! Yes and more yes! Ugh the anorexic comment is one of the worst. Who the eff is this person commenting on my health?

Skinny girls unite! Sadly, not many women are comfortable in their own skin, regardless of size, but no one should have to be made to feel even worse about themself by not being allowed to voice their frustrations without the fear of being on the receiving end of disparaging comments.

Yes, that is exactly a huge part of this issue; the taboo surrounding thin people discussing their weight. Not allowed is a perfect way to phrase it. We all just need a little more empathy. Thanks for reading and commenting. I absolutely relate. I have an extremely high metabolism and have been that way my whole life. Why do you work out? I drop ten pounds like nothing but it takes me another months to put it back on. Hugs to you!!! I have experienced all of those same things, too.

The feeling judged, the keeping quiet, the losing so much weight from being sick. I find that so fricking infuriating! Just remember you are far from alone!

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Stuff that makes seasoned writers squirm uncomfortably in their desk chairs. I first wanted to write about skinny shaming when I joined Scoot a Doot in November of In a room filled with people who had struggled with varying degrees of obesity, I stood up and said something that was received with mixed reactions.

The key to getting through the inevitable hard times, as my own research suggests, is to never stop trying to understand where your partner is coming from. How did Zayas and Shoda find the hate in the midst of love?







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Apr 11, - A woman may say that she dearly loves her partner in general, but hates him because of his dishonesty. Accordingly, people do say something.








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