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How to say girlfriend in roblox without tags

By Amie Gordon For Mailonline. A horrified mother has issued a warning to other parents after her six-year-old daughter was sent explicit messages from men on a mobile gaming app. Jemma Casey's daughter Morgan was sent a string of indecent messages on the app Roblox from men trying to lure her to their homes. Jemma Casey, 24, was horrified when her six-year-old daughter Morgan was sent inappropriate messages on the app Roblox.

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Girl, six, sent creepy message on app Roblox by stranger

I keep getting my words censored, when all I said was idiot and stupid. I wasn't insulting someone, they had the problem too, and wanted to see if minor bad words will get censored too.

They were. Also, I got censored because I said poop. Hmm,I think roblox didn't think out the censor words. They forgot the censor the A cuss word. Personally, I like the filter, though I still wish the chat system was what it was before only seeing a pre-selected ish words and phrases. With this, I am afraid people will begin knowing how to "dictionary dance" use spaces, periods, and other punctuation to say inappropriate words and phrases, and, since younger users can see this, particularly my sister, users can be prematurely exposed to inappropriate material.

Yeah, you guys are right. But they shouldn't censor everything. You can get censorded for saying someone on the server's name. I personally thought that the filter could have been a little more lenient, since I often see hashtags on a frequent basis from chat in games and I couldn't understand about what people are saying about with the censor, regardless of whether or not the content is offensive or not.

For some reason, they didn't censor the term 'guido'. You know, look it up. It's pretty offensive. They didn't censor the D word either. I personaly think they should do editing on the censor words. They forget a heck of a lot of bad stuff. The White List is for people 12 years and younger. The Black List is what people 13 and up cannot say. Which is what words are swear words.

BUT, there are a lot of missing swear words missing from it. If someone with a White List sees someone with a Black list say smething that's not a swear word, but not in the White List, only the people with White Lists can't see what the Black Lister said. Im so mad about that!

I was making a place and it was supposed to be called Club SwagRolls and when i entered it, it named it Club! The necromancer is above.

Anyways, they did not forget words like the 'a' swear word and the 'd' swear word, they are allowed in certain contexts, like "Damn, I forgot the connection line! They only block even misspellings if you're under 13, then you're moved to the blacklist. You're just on the white list until you're 13 or up, so if you're twelve or down, misspellings are not let on, but if you're 13 or up, you can make misspellings or anything that's not on the Blacklist.

I'm so glad that the Super Safechat is discontinued. They don't censor Hell and Damn, due to religeon. But people have been banned for mentioning Christ. Since apparently no one is bothering to read the earlier messages anymore, I will quote gordonrox24, who is a forum mod and an admin.

It can be used in a positive way, and that is fine. Uses in any negative way however, is not cool. The A-word needs to be censored. It is honestly weird in my opinion. Also, people use short-terms to swear. While im trying to plan for a game for me the whitelist is very Disturbing and ruining all my games. It ruins my words and my data.

I just have 2 more Years left and im And to trespass the White list by posting a Picture as a Description with Words not in the Whitelist,This will prevent my games to be Ruined. Even Naming of Objects,very-very annoyed. Maybe I should post a Picture in my game as Description for the game. Shouldnt I? Also some kids consider that the Whitelist is the worst Censorship system cuz its blocking even the Good Words. It shouldt be put in Game descriptions,names,etc.

Im so tired of this Bad censorship system. Dictionary Dancing is not just letting people say bad words,It also ruins games such as Draw it Because people are using that Method to giveaway the word.

Damn isn't a bad word. It shouldn't be censored. The A-Word Should be censored. At this point, I don't really care if things are censored or not. Yeah, it only took a few months to change my mind It's up to the creators of the scripts to do that. I swear roblox needs to fix there safe chat. How is it fun when you can't see non threatning or on topic chat? I used to talk to Guests sometimes, back in They were like me. I couldn't chat 'cause of a glitch I caused.

I was 7 back then, so I had to wait 5 years to become a non-safechatter again. Now that Erik Cassel is gone, and the old supersafe chat is removed, I can't chat with friends anymore. I can't chat with my friends. If you look up the definition then you'll see.

It's originally used to indicate a donkey, but some random guy said "Let's vulgarize this word! So why would they censor religious words just because they're Atheists and only allow the anti-religious words? The only time that'd happen would be if the very ball of logic shatters into a decillion pieces. The word snatch is now censored. It's a slang curse word in British, I think. Still, snatch is a very common word which should not be censored because it has a different meaning.

Really I feel there should be an option for people who speak different laguages to go on servers for their country! Then they could block out word like weaboo on there and us not having to worry about it! Ass, Dick, Damn't, password, beer, jesus, christ, lord, vodka shouldn't be censored! Ass means donkey, Dick is a name, Damn't can't offend somebody and the rest don't make sence! That isn't really offencive it's a Muscular, Vane, Italian man.

Unless you be racist bout it but still you'ld be jacked up! Anyways, that's not what weeaboo means. Not sure if this is a joke or not, but weeaboo means someone who is obsessed anime and pretty much anything from Japan, and thinks that they are 'basically Japanese. The B word also literally means a dog too. A mother dog is a B-word. If you look up the online dictionary,it is really right. Well that kid apperently lies and cheats at his life, whoever called me Weaboo can just be a Son of a Bruh he said he was a dog [yet the only reason I censor it since now it's a 'bad word']!

My alias, Faelynn, is apparently censored. Like, seriously?! That is NOT a bad word, and my account is set over They should allow users to enable or disable the filters. If someone has the filter enabled and the other person has it disabled that person with the disabled filter will see the word in hashtags. They just censored names of historical and currnet cities What is happen. Starting this weekend all accounts will now have a visual indicator of the accounts age at top of the in-game UI.

This applies to all accounts and will specify whether a user is over 13 or under. Starting today numbers both numerical and written are blocked for under 13 users. This is part of our continued efforts to better protect under 13 users. I'm trying to talk about how many things i've done, but I have to dictionary dance in order to do it.

Sometimes the people who make the script can also censor words. That is why sometimes different words are censored in different games. While, yes, many words that aren't supposed to be censored ARE censored, ROBLOX is aimed for years old, and most of them could be saying bad words on chats if the censor system wasn't implemented.

On Pokemon Brick Bronze, a number-heavy game, all numbers are censored so saying "My Charmander is level 20" is censored. Who cares what character you use to signify an action?

Why is there filters?

I keep getting my words censored, when all I said was idiot and stupid. I wasn't insulting someone, they had the problem too, and wanted to see if minor bad words will get censored too. They were.

Top definition. The game where eight year olds somehow get their first boner.


Roblox Slang









These are words used in the Roblox community, including slang. Filterpass - Bypassing the filter to say an expletive on the site or in-game. ROFL - Rolling on floor laughing- used for situations where "lol" is simply not enough. Tags/Tagging - short for hashtag/hashtagging, used for when a player's words are censored.








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