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How to not give a guy your number

We all dread that moment when someone asks for your number , and you don't want to give it to them. Do I have an exit plan? Yeah, bottom line, it's a lot of strategizing in a short amount of time. No, that doesn't make you "stuck up" or "rude," it just makes you an autonomous human being who gets to decide who does and does not have contact with you. While it's not exactly fair to put it mildly that you have to spend so much time and effort on politely declining someone who may or may not take it well, I am happy to help ease the burden a bit by offering six strategies for saying no to someone asking for your number. Here's the deal: This is actually the best answer and the one most people appreciate.

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12 Ways to Avoid Giving a Guy Your Number

Instead, try one of the strategies below to minimize the awkwardness the next time you want to withhold your digits:. This is the truth, and therefore the best place to start. Which brings us to…. If a guy will not let it go, ask for his phone number instead.

To avoid this, make sure to always enter the information yourself. Between Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, e-mail and all of the other tech-based communication platforms out there today, there are plenty of ways to give him a means to contact you without actually giving him your phone number. You should be sure you kind of like him before you do this, though.

We should all strive to be these women. Being direct keeps your intentions clear and leaves no room for confusion or misinterpretation.

Never give out your phone number simply because you feel pressured. Try one of the techniques above or develop your own strategy. Tags : advice , guys , Phones , safety. Search this website.

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When A Guy Asks For Your Number, Here Are 6 Simple, Polite Ways To Turn Him Down

Here are my best ways for turning him down without hurting his feelings, or embarrassing him. Until he actually asks you for your phone number, you can just avoid the topic and save yourself the hassle and him the embarrassment. With Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn, there are a lot of other ways you can tell a guy to contact you without giving him your phone number. Then he can contact you, and you can choose whether or not to contact him. If he does get up the nerve to ask for your number, and you would rather not give it to him, ask him for his number instead.

Instead, try one of the strategies below to minimize the awkwardness the next time you want to withhold your digits:. This is the truth, and therefore the best place to start. Which brings us to….

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How To Give A Guy Your Number

Subscribe To Our Newsletter! How to give a guy your number? There are key strategies that will increase your odds of scoring. Glamour experts say it straight up. DO keep in mind confidence is golden. Rejection is a major thorn in his side. Just write it down and give it to him. Shame on them, is all I have to say. Bottom line here is neither one of you will gain anything if you are just going to ignore him after this exchange. Pump him up a little but make super sure you make it clear you are not interested in hooking up with him.

13 Best Ways to Not Give Your Phone Number ...

If a guy is interested in you and asks for your number, who you really don't like or have no interest in him, the best thing is to get to the point and say "no thanks. If so, move on to using decoys and sidestepping the issue. Our Expert Agrees: In general, it's best to just be honest and direct, and say something like, "I'm sorry but I'm not interested. Not quite! By having a shade of doubt in your rejection, you leave it open to uncertainty.




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Aug 19, - There's no easy answer, but I think your best bet is two-fold: First, say “I don't give out my phone number to people I just met” (assuming you.








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