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How to find the burned man

It's been a week since Bethesda revealed their plans to support "Fallout: New Vegas" with three DLC packs , and today we're getting our first moving glimpse at the next pack. Now he's back, looking a lot like Darkman. According to the history of Fallout, The Burned Man aka Joshua Graham was a Mormon missionary from New Canaan who was originally teamed up with Caesar and used his knowledge of language and culture to ensnare local tribes and bring them into The Legion. Since then he's been The Burned Man, a mysterious force discussed only in hushed tones. A potentially living myth who is biding his time, waiting for his chance to even the score. That score can't really be settled with Caesar, though, as the DLC would likely take place before the end-game events of "Fallout: New Vegas.

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Where is the burned man?

Joshua Graham known formerly as the Malpais Legate , and in folk legends as the Burned Man is a Mormon missionary, co-founder of Caesar's Legion , and its first Legate. Afterward, Caesar , showing that failure was unacceptable regardless of rank, ordered him to be coated in pitch, lit on fire, and tossed into the Grand Canyon.

He survived, however, and left Caesar's Legion behind him. He is the acting leader of the Dead Horses in He grew up in peaceful times, learning the trade of a missionary and an interpreter, due to his natural aptitude for languages.

In , Graham received the mission call for his sacred service, to spread the good news to the people of the wasteland. By the time he left his home, he was already fluent in several tribal dialects. His knowledge made him a natural choice when the Followers of the Apocalypse asked for assistance in their expedition to the Grand Canyon.

Graham departed Canaan, following the Long 15 and Highway 89 south towards Arizona , meeting Calhoun and Sallow on the way, sent by the Followers to provide education to local tribes and study their dialects.

Around , the Blackfoots were their first stop in the Canyon. Joshua proved to be a capable interpreter, though eventually the hospitality of their hosts was replaced with hostility. Whether it was an error in translation that Joshua made or some unrelated misunderstanding, the Blackfoots decided to hold the entire expedition for ransom.

Against Calhoun's objections, Sallow decided to take charge of the situation: He taught the tribes how to care for their weapons, make explosives, work as a combat unit, with Graham continuing to serve as an interpreter and the first war leader of the Legion.

Graham was indispensable to Sallow's plan, who turned the disorganized tribe into a capable fighting force, trained in small unit tactics, weapon use and maintenance, and the manufacture of arms and weapons. With his teachings and Graham's skills, the Blackfoots prevailed over the other tribes, becoming the nucleus of the Legion.

Graham became a commander, training the forces of the fledgling army and leading them in battle. His leadership position soon entailed retaliatory raids and terrorizing local tribes prior to assimilation into the Legion.

Though he was neither a particularly brilliant strategist nor tactically flexible, his menace and brutality were infamous. The atrocities he committed made him feared by friend and foe alike. He was dangerous, unpredictable, and above all else legendary for being impossible to kill, even by NCR Rangers. But all great men eventually end. Caesar's obsession with uniting the wasteland under the banner of his Legion resulted in him attacking the New California Republic in After a series of skirmishes east of the Colorado, Caesar's 68 [9] attacked the Dam.

Graham's tenacity was legendary at this point: Despite efforts by both the NCR Rangers and 1st Recon east of the Colorado River and five kill reports on Graham, the Legate remained a menace at large. He deployed his legionaries in the usual fashion, trying to defeat the Republic as he fought the tribes out east. Chief Hanlon anticipated this move, drawing the legionaries into a trap. When the Legate ordered his elite forces to punch through and pursue Rangers decimating his officers and sowing chaos in the ranks, the Rangers and 1st Recon sharpshooters retreated into Boulder City.

Elements of the Army and Rangers kept the Legion engaged long enough to allow the most experienced legionaries to enter the city. When they did, the Republic's forces pulled out of the city. Once most of them were safe soldiers and Rangers trapped behind Legion lines had to be abandoned, they triggered explosives packed into the buildings in advance. Chief Hanlon's plan went off without a hitch: The exploding buildings acted as giant fragmentation bombs, killing and maiming most of the legionaries and leaving the rest in a state of shock.

The Army and Rangers followed the detonation with a counter-attack, destroying the Legion on the western side of the Colorado River and forcing the Malpais Legate to retreat from the dam. Flanking attacks at Camp Golf and other camps in the Mojave were similarly repulsed. The Malpais Legate returned to Caesar in shame. To demonstrate that failure is not tolerated, even at the highest of ranks, Caesar ordered Graham to be burned alive. The former Legate was covered in pitch, lit on fire, and thrown into the Grand Canyon, for leading the Legion into its worst defeat in Legion's history.

Graham survived the fall. He woke up the following day, burned, broken, but alive. Eventually, the fallen Legate crawled out of the northern edge of the Grand Canyon and began his journey home. It took him three months to reach New Canaan , three months of suffering. Graham's immunity to modern medicine made it impossible for him to dull the pain and he had to replace the bandages covering his burned, twisted skin each day to prevent infection. But he persevered and upon reaching New Canaan, he was welcomed like one of their own, like a prodigal son returning home.

In his eyes, his second baptism at the hands of the Legion and subsequent survival transformed him, rekindled his faith and removed his pride and vanity; and the thirty years of separation, atrocities, and shame, were irrelevant to his family. He forbade legionaries from speaking Graham's true name under threat of death Damnatio memoriae , only enhancing the myth of the Burned Man, [16] and issued a kill order to his frumentarii.

Wherever he was, his agents would find and destroy him. By , Graham's past finally caught up with the fallen Legate. The White Legs , whipped into a frenzy and equipped by Ulysses , attacked New Canaan while Joshua was away from the city, in a bid to ingratiate themselves with the Legion by destroying the tribe of Canaan and Graham along with it.

Survivors scattered into the wilderness, with the bulk of them escaping into Zion Canyon. In order to defend them and the tribes that made their home in the canyon, Graham assumed the position of acting war chief among the Dead Horses , while Daniel , another missionary and survivor from New Canaan, joined up with the Sorrows. While Daniel would have Graham fight a delaying action to allow the Sorrows and Dead Horses to safely evacuate Zion and lose White Legs in the wilderness, Graham desires nothing more than bringing God's justice to those who would bring harm to others.

The desire for vengeance on those who butchered his people, killing all who could not run away fast enough - the elderly, the ill, children, those who stopped to help - burns within him, a fire stoked further by his own personal demons and desire for redemption. Joshua Graham inspecting. Joshua Graham is a conflicted man. Originally a Mormon missionary from Ogden, he steadily betrayed everything he held dear in service to Caesar.

Caught up in maintenance of a brutal, nomadic army of reconditioned tribals, and the conquests out East, Graham slowly became a monster. Small compromises turned increasingly sinister and brutal, with Graham rationalizing them as making the best of a bad situation and doing what needed to be done. In the end, however, he and Caesar had built a society on a foundation of fear and brutality, with Graham turned into a monster by three decades of warfare and atrocities.

Joshua eventually believed his own lies and rationalizations, but when the defeat at Hoover Dam came, he lost all momentum. Abandoned by Caesar and his people, the fallen Legate was forced to reflect on his life and face the monster that he became.

Unlike most, Joshua chose not to blame Caesar, but himself, and journeyed to seek forgiveness from the people he abandoned three decades prior. Their acceptance rekindled Graham's faith in God, creating a devoted militant plagued by uncertainty as to the nature of the fire burning inside him, whether it illuminates or destroys. The destruction of New Canaan and war with the White Legs have done little to help Graham come to terms with his paths, instead it has fueled his drive to aggressively fight back against his enemies, as well as act on the worst impulses he developed during his time with the Legion.

His thirst for vengeance and extermination puts him at odds with Daniel, who fears what the long term consequences of stoking this kind of flame could be: Graham unwittingly creating a war cult not too dissimilar from the Legion, clothed in the guise of Christian faith, but entirely devoid of its principles.

To him, the NCR is still redeemable in his eyes, stating that the greed of man is what led to the Great War and that only through faith in God and prayer and genuine acts of kindness can humanity hope to prevent history from repeating itself.

He also has a dim opinion of Mr. House , seeing him as another Caesar; a man who rallied together his own set of tribes using his own methods to assume domination over others.

His hatred towards the Legion stems not just from the fact he was made an example by Caesar, but also Caesar's belief that his will alone will unite the wasteland under the Legion's banner and his refusal to let anything stop him. Ultimately his greatest enmity is for himself - for letting himself get swept up in Caesar's rise to power, for falling in line as his Legate and for willfully perpetuating the innumerable atrocities that helped establish his rule.

What he believed may have been the start of a society of equals under one banner has become a totalitarian culture dominated by one man.

He was to be the first, and statistically best, CNPC that the player character encountered, but was also very evil and in some ways made the game extremely difficult for a character with poor negotiating skills. He was intended to be a "jinxed" non-player character, like the pariah dog. The Prisoner was to encounter somebody hanged by the neck from a pole at Fort Abandon , obviously still alive and enraged.

If cut down, the Hanged Man would tag along with the Prisoner. He was wrapped from head to toe in bandages as he had been burned all over his entire body. Save for the fact that he had a connection to Caesar's Legion and was particularly ticked off at them, he would not provide many details about himself. Rescuing the Hanged Man would cause all the tribals in the region to be angry with the Prisoner as the tribals would blame him for future crimes committed by the Hanged Man.

In addition, the Hanged Man may anger any tribals he encounters and try to butcher any Twin Mothers tribals he could find. Having him in the party would make dealing with tribals and some towns extremely difficult. The Hanged Man would not enter New Canaan. Upon arrival, he would initiate dialogue with the Prisoner and tell them that they had something to take care of, offering to meet at Burham Springs later on.

The Hanged Man would laughingly refuse to drop his weapons if commanded to by Phil , possibly even inciting Phil to open fire on the party.

It would be very difficult for the Prisoner to defuse the situation. He is mentioned frequently, for example: in a loading screen in Dead Money and by Ulysses in Lonesome Road.

Only slightly. Graham and Caesar were in it together, in different ways. While Caesar never had a radical shift in his approach and ideology, Joshua Graham had a slow slide followed by a dramatic fall and "rebirth".

That said, Honest Hearts has a lot to do with personal motivations and why being honest to yourself about them is important. In many ways, Caesar is dispassionate -- or at least less passionate than someone like Joshua Graham, or even Lanius. Caesar is an odd sort of philosopher; Joshua Graham is a zealot.

Caesar is also hypocritical or at least "bends" his own rules when it suits him. Joshua has to lie to himself to rationalize what he does. He can't live with an internal contradiction. I wanted the player's first encounter with Joshua to be very reductive. In way, I wanted the player to be initially disappointed. They hear legends of this fearsome, terrible, demonic figure and when they first see him, he's doing the equivalent of putting his pants on one leg at a time: sitting at a table maintaining a stack of guns.

Even internally, some people complained about his appearance. They wanted him to be huge and monstrous or they wanted his first encounter with the player to involve him brutally gunning down White Legs. I believed that for his character to feel right in the context of the story, he needed to be a man first and the monster later. But that expressed desire on the team made me ask for the graffiti players see on the way to see Joshua: an entire cliff face dominated by the image of Joshua with tiny White Leg corpses falling down below him.

Joshua Graham

Born in New Canaan , Graham experienced both the lofty heights of power and the depths of despair, first as the military commander of the Legion under Edward Sallow , then as the fallen Burned Man and a prodigal son. His stubborn refusal to die after being cast into the Grand Canyon elevated him to mythical status, striking fear into the hearts of superstituous legionaries [1] and members of tribes of Utah and neighboring states. Although he constantly suffers from the burns sustained at the hands of Caesar, Graham continued along the path of a warrior, fighting to protect New Canaanites. After the fall of New Canaan, he took up residence among the Dead Horses as their acting war chief, determined to shield survivors and tribes of Zion from the White Legs. He grew up in peaceful times, learning the trade of a missionary and an interpreter, due to his natural aptitude for languages.

Joshua Graham known formerly as the Malpais Legate , and in folk legends as the Burned Man is a Mormon missionary, co-founder of Caesar's Legion , and its first Legate. Afterward, Caesar , showing that failure was unacceptable regardless of rank, ordered him to be coated in pitch, lit on fire, and tossed into the Grand Canyon. He survived, however, and left Caesar's Legion behind him.

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No recent wiki edits to this page. Joshua Graham starts out as a young ambitious missionary, but becomes a ruthless and brutal man as he is swept up in Caesars rise to power. He was the co-founder of The Legion and became Caesars first Legate. It is not until his failed execution that he realizes that what he believed to become a society of equals was nothing more than the tolitarian regime of one individual. Even though his character is reformed, the fire inside of him is still burning, and he is ready and determined to crush the tribe of the White Legs.




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May 11, - "Honest Hearts" is set in Utah's Zion National Park and features The Burned Man, a mysterious character whose dealings with Caesar's Legion.








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