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How to find a person in jail in arizona

Are you looking to find someone arrested in Maricopa County? Are you looking to find an inmate in Maricopa County? The Maricopa county sheriffs inmate searc h is a good start for someone trying to find someone arrested in Maricopa County. While it is limited to inmates in Maricopa county rather than providing an inmate search in Arizona Prisons in all counties, the Maricopa County Sheriff inmate lookup system is a great resource.


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Arizona Inmate Finder

Instead, the Maricopa County Jail consists of five different jails at various locations throughout the county. If your loved one has been arrested, you need to understand how to locate him or her and where to go if you want to post bond.

This article discusses the following topics. Read each one carefully and feel free to reach out to our criminal defense lawyers for help. The jail addresses include the following:. The Maricopa County Jails hold inmates who have been detained for both misdemeanor and felony offenses who are unable to post bond.

They also are used to hold inmates who have been sentenced for crimes that carry jail sentences instead of prison sentences.

Many different offenses can cause people to be arrested and sent to one of the Maricopa County Jails, including the following types:. People who have been charged with serious offenses such as homicides will be sent to one of the Maricopa County Jails to be held until they go to trial and are sentenced. When people are convicted of serious felonies, they will be sent to prison instead of one of the jails. The Maricopa County Jails also house people who are serving jail time for parole and probation violations.

People who are sentenced to serve time in jail are those who have been convicted of misdemeanors carrying sentences of up to six months in jail. Street view of the 4th Avenue Jail on Madison Street. The Fourth Avenue Jail contains 1, cells 2, beds and cells that are designated specifically for high-security inmates. It is the highest security facility in Maricopa county and includes a maximum-security general population, a medium-security general population, a special management unit, and an area for sentenced medium- or maximum-security inmates who are working.

The Fourth Avenue Jail has a central intake section on the first floor with initial appearance courts, a visitation area, a classification section, pretrial services, and an area to post bonds and to pay fines. The Fourth Avenue Jail is one of two jail locations that offer video visitation for all of the inmates in the various Maricopa County Jails. The phone number for the Fourth Avenue Jail is The Durango Jail has an inmate capacity of 2, It houses minimum and medium security inmates as well as sentenced inmates who are attending the ALPHA substance abuse treatment program.

Built in , the Durango jail was originally designed as a re-entry center. In , two dormitory-style units were added to the jail, and it is now a fully-functioning jail in the Maricopa County Jail system.

Street view of the Estrella Jail in Maricopa County. The Estrella Jail is an all-female facility with an inmate capacity of 1, All classification levels of females are housed in this jail, including the following:. The Lower Buckeye Jail has an inmate capacity of 2, and is an all-male facility.

It houses minimum- and medium-security inmates as well as maximum-security inmates in an administrative segregation unit. It also houses minimum- and medium-security general population inmates along with all three levels of nature of charge inmates.

The Lower Buckeye Jail also houses all juveniles that have been remanded. The Towers Jail has an inmate capacity of 1, It is an all-male facility that houses minimum- and medium-security inmates. The jail holds both non-sentenced and sentenced inmates. The jail houses inmates with the following classification levels:.

When people are first arrested in Maricopa County, they will be sent to the Fourth Avenue Jail for processing and the determination of their classification. Some people who have committed low-level offenses will be released on their own recognizance while others may have a bond set by the court.

Once the inmates have been classified, they will either remain housed at the Fourth Avenue Jail or sent to a jail that houses their classification levels. If an inmate can post bond, he or she will be released and provided with information about their charges and their initial court appearance.

If a person has been arrested, you will be able to locate him or her by entering this information. However, an inmate will not be listed until he or she has gone through the booking and classification process. If you are arrested for a low-level misdemeanor offense in Phoenix or the surrounding area, you may be processed and booked into jail before being released on your own recognizance. If you are facing more serious charges, you will have to see a judge before you can be released.

During the week, people who are arrested for felonies and serious misdemeanor offenses will appear before a judge within 24 hours for their initial appearances. These appearances are held by video from the initial appearance courtrooms in the Fourth Avenue Jail. During these appearances, the judge advises people of their charges and sets bail. For some offenses such as murder, the court may choose to not grant a bail amount.

If you are arrested on the weekend and are held to see a judge, you will have to wait to see a judge until the following court date when the court is open. This means that if you are arrested on a Friday evening, you may have to wait for bail to be set until Monday.

When people are arrested, they should assert their rights against self-incrimination and to an attorney. They should not agree to be interrogated or answer any questions that they are asked by the arresting officers other than providing their names and contact information.

They should not answer questions about whether they have drunk alcohol and should ask for lawyers. If you are arrested, you can also tell the judge during your initial appearance that you want an attorney to represent you.

If you can afford to hire an attorney, you can make arrangements for the lawyer that you want to hire to visit you in jail. There are attorney rooms at the jails in which attorneys can meet with their clients.

You can have a loved one contact the law firm of DM Cantor to make arrangements for you, or you can call the office from the jail to request a jail visit. All jail visits by the family members and friends of inmates in the Maricopa County Jails are completed by video visitation at either the Fourth Avenue or Lower Buckeye Jails for onsite video visitation.

Anywhere visits can be scheduled daily using an Android or Apple phone, tablet, computer, or laptop with a webcam. On-site visits can only occur once per week for each inmate. On-site visits are free, but each inmate can only have one per week. If you visit a loved one either on-site or through an on-site visit or receive a phone call from him or her in jail, you should strongly avoid asking him or her about the details of his or her case or the alleged offense.

Jail phone calls and video visits are recorded , and the prosecutors will use anything that is said against the inmates in the cases against them. If you are an inmate and call a family member or friend or receive a video visit, you should likewise avoid talking about your case.

If a friend or family member asks you questions about what happened, simply tell them that you cannot talk about it over the phone to protect your rights. Use your calls and visits to catch up with how your loved ones are doing rather than on explaining anything about your case.

If you are unable to post the entire bond amount, you can go through a bail bondsman. Bail bondsmen post the bond for people who are bailed out in exchange for a percentage of the total amount that they keep as their fee.

You will be required to post something in collateral to ensure that the person will show up for court. If you post bail for someone who subsequently skips court, the bail bonds company will come after you for the payment of the entire bond amount. If you or your loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime in Maricopa County, we understand it can be an overwhelming and frightful time.

This is why it is a good idea for you to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you out. Call our offices today to schedule a free consultation by calling us at Your Name required :. Your Phone required :. Your Email required :. Your Message optional :. Please leave this field empty. We take your privacy very serious. Click here for important legal disclaimer. Communications through this website do not establish an attorney-client relationship. Any information sent to DM Cantor before establishing an attorney-client relationship will not be held in confidence, and may be used for the benefit of the firm's other clients or future clients.

Accordingly, unless and until we formally establish an attorney-client relationship, do NOT send or otherwise communicate to us any information you would want to be maintained in confidence, whether through this website, through any email address posted on this website, or otherwise.

Lifetime Member Best Attorneys of America. Member American Association for Justice. Member Since American Bar Association. Toggle navigation Menu. Guide to the 5 Jails in Maricopa County, Arizona. What are the different Jails in Maricopa County? Information about each of the Jails. Types of crimes people are sent to these Jails for. Requesting a lawyer if arrested and in Jail. The jail addresses include the following: Fourth Avenue Jail — S.

Types of Crimes People are Typically Sent to the Maricopa County Jails The Maricopa County Jails hold inmates who have been detained for both misdemeanor and felony offenses who are unable to post bond. Street view of the Durango Jail in Phoenix. Front view of Lower Buckeye Jail. Front of Maricopa County Towers Jail. Real Client Testimonials. Disclaimer Results depend upon factors unique to each case and that results in one case do not predict similar results in others.

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4th Avenue Jail

Information Contained herien should not be relied upon for any type of legal action. Persons may use false identification information. True identity can only be confirmed through fingerprint comparison.

Please enable JavaScript in your web browser; otherwise some parts of this site might not work properly. You can look up inmates in two ways:. To do so, use the Online Detainee Locator System.

Arizona has an incarceration rate of per , people including prisons, jails, immigration detention, and juvenile justice facilities , meaning that it locks up a higher percentage of its people than many wealthy democracies do. Read on to learn more about who is incarcerated in Arizona and why. See our regularly-updated coronavirus response page. Also see these Arizona graphs:.

Guide to the 5 Jails in Maricopa County, Arizona

Be sure and call the facility before attempting to visit. This list of jails and prisons in Arizona contains important information and the answers to many questions that inmate's families and friends often have when their loved one is incarcerated. You can learn how to do an inmate search, mail an inmate, send money and the address and procedures for visitation. You can also get the inmate visiting hours, telephone numbers and more. Best of all, if you don't see the answer to the question you are looking for, you can ask our community who will quickly answer any questions you may have. While we strive to ensure all of the information contained on our site is accurate, we ask that before you visit you contact the institution and verify the visiting hours because visiting hours at prisons and jails change frequently. If you find that we have the wrong visiting hours, or that we are missing any other useful information that may benefit others please let us know by leaving a comment on the institution's page. Breadcrumb Home. Arizona Prisons and Jails. Arizona Prison and Jail Information Directory This list of jails and prisons in Arizona contains important information and the answers to many questions that inmate's families and friends often have when their loved one is incarcerated.

Inmate Information

With the addition of the Video Visitation System the visitation times have been expanded to week days as well as weekends, please visit the Securus website or use the lobby kiosks for times and appointment availability. Individuals making appointments Friday through Sunday should call the control tower on the intercom outside in order to turn in the form to a detention Officer. The forms are available next to the visitation kiosks in the lobby. Appointments made without the Visitation Information Sheet being completed will be denied.

Instead, the Maricopa County Jail consists of five different jails at various locations throughout the county.

The Fourth Avenue Jail has a capacity of 2, beds, of the beds are specifically designed to house the highest security level inmates in the system. The Fourth Avenue Jail was designed first and foremost with the interest of public safety in mind. The 4th Ave Jail features user friendly video visitation for the general public.

Arizona Inmate Locator & Search

For a small fee, EMessaging will allow family and friends to initiate email style messages with up to six attachments to their loved ones incarcerated within the Yavapai County Detention Center. The sender may also choose to receive a single response from their loved one for an additional charge. This feature promotes efficiency within our operation, provides for a timelier method of written correspondence as well as increased communication opportunities for inmates and their friends and family alike.

Powered by TruthFinder. Please be aware that, pursuant to Arizona state law, an Arizona inmate is not permitted to receive information about other Arizona inmates. Sending such information is a Class 5 felony. Step 2: Enter a last name and at least the first initial of the Arizona offender you are trying to locate as well as their gender and system status. Step 3: Below the search box, you will receive results that include a full name, mug shot, admission date, and links to either a Quick Info or Full info Arizona DOC inmate report.

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Find an inmate. Find By Number; Find By Name. First Name. Middle Name. Last.

The Arizona Department of Corrections maintains a lengthy list of Arizona inmate records. Everything begins with a general Arizona inmate search. You can search by first and last name, phone number, license plate, or offender ID number. What you search for often depends on the reason for your search.

Free Arizona Inmate Lookup – ADC Inmate Locator


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