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How to find a boyfriend on imvu

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Valentina asked a question. Try visiting "singles" rooms and chatting with people. Tip: Wear sexy outfits, I personally wear stuff that shows off a lot of boob. It all really depends on what you are looking for in a bf as to how you go about getting one.

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Invisible Boyfriend

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Looking for the Best Dating Website? Join and find your perfect date. IMVU is an awesome game. Many people go on IMVU to troll. Some IMVU relationships lasts for a little bit time, and others last for like months and even years. For me, unfortunately, my relationships don't last that long. I have been in a relationship for 2 months while i was on IMVU and then another one for like about 3 months and then we had to separate because she had a boyfriend in real life.

As stated in one of my videos "When the heart you want has no desire to be one. Sometimes, you just want to give up and forget about that IMVU dating stuff. And this is the reason why I've been single for 4 months.

I mean yeah, I would date in real life, but you know, I want a relationship that would be durable. I'm not going to date someone, in the middle of Sophomore year, and then break up because we are going to a different college.

But yeah, thats not the reason why I made this blog. Not to talk about my person life on rl, but about my personal life on IMVU. At least I hope so.. I write on wattpad, about IMVU stories and stuff like that.

Here are the characters. Labels: IMVU. Blogger July 13, at AM. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.

IMVU is destroying our relationship.....PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Invisible Boyfriend, and its partner service Invisible Girlfriend, lets you explore a relationship with a girlfriend or boyfriend but without all the baggage that comes with dating. You can create your ideal boyfriend, customizing their personality and even how you met. You can then interact with them via text message. And yes, we have real humans playing your boyfriend on the other side.

The company was founded in by Will Harvey, a video game developer, entrepreneur and founder of There. The service offers an immersive 3D environment where users can customize their avatars and rooms, in addition to meeting and interacting with other users. So read on!

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how to get a boyfriend on imvu!!! like a cheat!!?

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On computer screen they were like a movie-star couple. She with her toned, tanned body, enviable curves and a penchant for not wearing very much. He with an impressive tattoo, rock-god locks and abs you could bounce a 50 pence piece off. But when Marie and Jay Coulbeck decided to exchange real photographs after their alter egos got engaged in 3D chat room IMVU , the couple from Rugeley found they had bent the truth some what.

Looking for the Best Dating Website? Join and find your perfect date.

I met my boyfriend cody on thr chat game IMVU we hit it off right away and since we lived near eachother it made us being able to be together a lot easier, but lately hes gotten so wrapped up in his IMVU life that he doesn't have anytime for me at all. He doesn't reply to my texts, He's never on skype the only time I can really get ahold of him is on IMVU and thats usually not guarenteed. If I'm lucky I can get him into a private chat, he'll get upset and bent out of shape over things that happen on there its almost like he forgets it isnt real and its scary.

Top definition. The increasingly irritating advert to the right. I developed a tick under my left eye thanks to that IMVU advert.


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May 28, - Tip: Make yourself look SEXY/HOT 1. Go to "FIND PEOPLE" put in gender,single, here for dating, and what ever age you want. 2. Find that  2 answers.








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