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Everyone wants Wembley to do something for them and Wembley just can not say no. But when a Fraggle girl named Lou wants to do something for him, he starts to see that his needs are just as important. Doc tries to turn an old chandelier into a bizarre alarm system. Boober's been having terrible dreams about a very fun, happy Fraggle named Sidebottom who's trying to get Boober to have a little fun. So when he shares his dream with his friends, they have loads of fun with Sidebottom until a game of Fraggle Freeze causes a very big problem.

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Everyone wants Wembley to do something for them and Wembley just can not say no. But when a Fraggle girl named Lou wants to do something for him, he starts to see that his needs are just as important. Doc tries to turn an old chandelier into a bizarre alarm system. Boober's been having terrible dreams about a very fun, happy Fraggle named Sidebottom who's trying to get Boober to have a little fun.

So when he shares his dream with his friends, they have loads of fun with Sidebottom until a game of Fraggle Freeze causes a very big problem. It's another great day in Fraggle Rock, and today, Red's helping Cotterpin make her plans for a new bridge when suddenly, the Fraggle Horn is blown and Red must take off for the meeting. Not far from where Cotterpin is, there's a Doozer named Tumbrell who's not a big fan of Cotterpin and sees that she's breaking a violation: consorting with Fraggles.

Meanwhile in the Great Hall, Mokey tells everyone she spotted a Poison Cackler's nest, so Gobo gets everyone to go with him to the Lesser Galleries on a small vacation. But when Large Marvin and Feenie don't make it to when the Fraggles all take off, they're left behind.

Cotterpin's being put on trial for telling Red of her building plans. She's given a chance to prove that Fraggles are noble and intelligent creatures, so she tries to find her friends, but the only Fraggles she comes across are the only two left in the Rock Large Marvin and Feenie, two of the dumbest Fraggles alive.

The Doozers aren't convinced that these two are worthy, but when a Baby Poison Cackler appears and captures Cotterpin, Feenie and Large Marvin must work together to save her and all the Doozers.

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Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from May All articles needing additional references. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Doc moves into his new workshop and finds a hole between Fraggle Rock and the outside world.

Uncle Traveling Matt sets out to explore "Outer Space", giving Gobo the job of collecting the postcards he sends back describing what he sees. After some deliberation, Gobo accepts responsibility for his new social role. When Boober's walking stick gets broken, Gobo and Wembley set out to the Gorg's Garden to get a new one.

When Wembley gets caught by the Gorgs, he thinks he's found a great new place to be; that is, until Gobo, Mokey, Boober and Red get caught as well, and finds out who his real friends are. Perry Rosemond. Jocelyn Stevenson. Red is getting ready for her swim meet, and is doing all the preparations by herself, even when people ask if they can help.

But when the water runs dry in the Fraggle Pond and the Pipe-Bangers can not seem to bring it back, she gets worried. Gobo later tells her of a pipe-banging tool he found in "Outer Space" an umbrella and she decides to go and get it herself.

When she gets too scared, she finally asks someone for help. When everyone gets tired of Boober being afraid all the time, Red takes him to the Trash Heap, who then, somehow, makes his hat lucky.

Boober's bravery is cut short when it blows off his head, and is stuck being wimpy again. Norman Campbell. Gobo gets postcards, Mokey collects radishes, Boober does laundry and cooking, and Red does swim meets.

But now it's time for Wembley to get a job, but Wembley just can not seem to find what he wants to do, until he hears about the Volunteer Fire Department. Mokey decides that it is not proper for Fraggles to eat the constructions Doozers work so hard to build. To convince the other Fraggles that she is right she gets the help of Convincing John. But when the towers cramp up the caves, everyone is convinced to live as one instead. When Red sees that everyone's so impressed with Mokey and the things about her, Red, unsuccessfully, tries to be just like her.

And when she tries to collect radishes just like Mokey, she gets two of her friends caught in a Gorg trap. Maybe just being yourself is not so bad, after all. George Bloomfield. Boober's been trying lately to get Wembley believing that if you do certain things, no bad luck will befall you.

So when he hears about the Terrible Tunnel, he seeks out the Storyteller Fraggle to tell him all about it. When he gets back and tells everyone, nobody believes him. So he gets Gobo and Red to go back with him and see the truth: the tunnel is very real.

Gobo and Red find a treasure map leading to the Lost Treasure of the Fraggles, which is, unfortunately, located in the Gorg's castle. So they get Wembley, Mokey and Boober to help.

Instead of five million diamonds, the treasure is something even more valuable. Doc boards up the hole in the workshop wall, leaving Gobo trapped in the workshop and fending for himself against Sprocket. The four put their heads together to save their friend. David Young. Uncle Traveling Matt has not sent a postcard in two weeks and Gobo worries he'll have to go looking for him. Gobo is brave enough to step out there. Peter Harris.

When Mokey reluctantly wins 'Ruler of the Rock' day, she has to decide what her three commands should be, and when her first two commands go wrong, she ponders on what she can do for the betterment of the Rock. Doc decides to use music to help his plants grow. Highlight: The Muppet look of Gobo has changed in this episode and will remain this way for the rest of the series. The shape of his face is altered, he was given eyelids, a haircut, and he also has a new shirt and vest.

Red's tired of Gobo being leader, so when she tries to take Gobo and Boober to the Trash Heap and they instead get caught by Pa Gorg, it's up to Gobo and Red to work together to get themselves back home. Doc buys a computer and challenges Sprocket to a video game. Boober becomes increasingly angry when everyone shows disrespect for his feelings- and his blanket. Doc invents a robotic dog to fetch his newspaper for him, striking jealousy in Sprocket.

It's the Festival of the Moon, and Gobo is chosen to do something special for the ceremony. They soothe the savage beast with music. No two Fraggles could be more different from each other than Red and Boober. But when Boober and Red get trapped in a cave-in on Boober's birthday, they end up finding out they're more alike than they originally thought. A group of wandering minstrels, led by Cantus, and their magic flute tell the Fraggles to find their respective songs.

So when Red is in charge of the medley, she can not find her song, so she "borrows" Cantus's pipe in order to find her song which drags her out into the Gorgs's Garden. Cantus gets his pipe back and Red finds her song.

But her plan backfires and they all start blaming each other. Marjory finally convinces them they need each other in order to survive. Red heads to the Gorg's garden to retrieve radishes to prove to Gobo that she is not afraid. But when she finds out that Junior wants to get rid of Fraggle Rock, and Sprocket is trying to break in as well, she needs to gather up her bravery to save the day.

Gobo cannot decide if he really wants to be an explorer like his uncle, Traveling Matt. Nobody seems to think Mokey's good at practical things, so when she makes a rag doll version of herself to get rid of the Gorg trap, things go terribly wrong. Sugith Varughese. Red's having a Splashathon, and Gobo wants everyone to go with him to Bluerock. And since they can only do one or the other, Wembley ends up being the deciding vote.

After he reluctantly chooses Red's choice, Gobo gets upset with Wembley's 'wembling' and decides to go to Bluerock by himself. But when Wembley sees he forgot his pick ax, Wembley goes off to find his bud so they can be the first two into Blue Rock together Then one night, she appears to the Fraggles in their sleep and tells them to look for wisdom within themselves. The Fraggles misinterpret her dream, and then elect Mokey to be their new "Trash Heap. Wembley feels he has no purpose.

But when Junior irritates some birds in the garden, an egg falls out of their nest and into the Fraggle Pond. Wembley decides to take care of the egg until it hatches, despite everyone else giving him a hard time. When the egg does hatch, the tree creature thinks Wembley's the 'mom'. So Wembley decides to be the 'mother' until the creature causes some problems in the Rock, and Wembley's forced to give him back to his parents out in the garden.

Boober Fraggle can not stand the noise people create every day. So when he hears from Gobo about the Caves of Boredom, he decides to move there. But when the Storyteller tells everyone about plants that make you forget that are in the Caves of Boredom, it's up to Boober's friends to get him out of there. Wembley and Boober are having an ordinary day together, when Philo and Gunge show up in the Rock to tell them that the Gorgs are going to get rid of the Trash Heap once and for all.

They save Marjorie in time to not lose wisdom forever. Red gets upset when everyone thinks she's making up her record of holding her breath under water, so when she wanders off from the group, she discovers a sea monster that claims to be the last of the Lilly Creatures.

When she tells everyone else, nobody believes her, except Marlon Fraggle, the oddest Fraggle in the Rock. Red's willing to do anything to prove herself to her friends, and having Marlon's help is the best way to do so.

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At the age of six, he was diagnosed with seizures. He rarely received good grades in school in his time at school. At the end of his eleventh grade, he decided to pursue his GED.

When Vine was shut down two years ago it left a massive hole in our hearts. Until we discovered TikTok , the new, not-really-new social media platform where users post short, second clips of anything from pranks to dance challenges to videos of their pets dressed in funny outfits. Formerly known as Musical. It is best known for its act-out and lip-synching memes backed by music and other sound clips, which are reproduced and remixed among its young users.

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