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Girl to boy ratio at unc chapel hill

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She decided to attend Georgia Tech, where she will be majoring in chemical engineering. So, now that I have gotten decisions from all the colleges I applied to, I'm ready to pick which school I want to attend. I know I'll be happy wherever I chose to go, and I got the same amount of aid from all of them, so basically now my decision is being influenced more and more by nitpicky things. I know this may sound weird to some people, but at this point I already know I'll be attending great schools, so now I just want to find out which one would be the best fit- in every aspect, not just academic. That said, I really do think UNC is perfect in every way.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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She decided to attend Georgia Tech, where she will be majoring in chemical engineering. So, now that I have gotten decisions from all the colleges I applied to, I'm ready to pick which school I want to attend.

I know I'll be happy wherever I chose to go, and I got the same amount of aid from all of them, so basically now my decision is being influenced more and more by nitpicky things.

I know this may sound weird to some people, but at this point I already know I'll be attending great schools, so now I just want to find out which one would be the best fit- in every aspect, not just academic.

That said, I really do think UNC is perfect in every way. Warm weather I'm from NE- nothing is more appealing than that!

I've read some student reviews Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty friendly and comfortable with myself, and I've never considered myself ugly, but by the looks of it, if you're not model material you won't have a good time when it comes to the dating scene.

Not that I really really care about it, but it is a concern. Also, being from out of state, I'm not too worried about making friends UNC sounds like a pretty friendly place but I do want to know more about whether or not it's obvious OOS have a harder time integrating themselves, etc.

I know this all sounds silly April edited April Post edited by fRace04 on April April I can't really address the dating issue, as I have had the same girlfriend the entire time I've been at UNC, but as far as fitting in OOS goes, you have nothing to worry about.

Where you are from does not define your experience at UNC in any way. It is really something that comes up when you first meet someone or talk about what plans for various breaks are. Just as a final thought about the male to female ratio, the ratio is getting that way at a lot of schools nationwide. Funny thing is, that article is the one that got me all freaked out in the first place.

But thanks! Sometimes I think I'm worrying for no reason, so it's nice to see positive comments like that. Being OOS is a non issue People tend to congregate in large mixed social circles, some date, some don't. Notre Dame is very conservative; there are strict rules about inter visitation and it still has "hours" that have to be maintained.

Their strict social policies kept several female friends of my son from attending there and South Bend is certainly not Chapel Hill or the State College. UNC might have the perfect mix of academics and social scene.

Of the three you mention it is the only school whose students don't want to leave; there was even an article in the NY Times a few years back that addresses just that. House prices rise.

The compact, leafy town that grew around U. Most of the university staff commutes. Very interesting article. And yeah, I'm not too concerned with being just a number I really do feel like that prepares you for the real world better anyway. I'm leaning more toward UNC as the days go by, it just seems like I'd be happy there. Thanks for all the input! The thing you have to remember is that there are almost 2 girls for every guy.

And if you consider some activities that are traditionally stereotypically more girl-friendly, like various student groups, the student union and parts of the library well sometimes you might think you're at an all girls college. I have to agree with the others, though, that being from OOS will make no difference whatsoever.

I might say otherwise if you were foreign get ready for a billion friendly-but-annoying questions and study abroad tales or an ethnic minority: just walking around campus, you can feel the ethnic self-segregation.

But a white OOS American? Go for it, bearing in mind the sex ratio issue. Oh and I wouldn't but too much faith in people hanging around after they graduate -- in a lot of cases I know, that's because they couldn't find a job. So would you say one would have to worry being a female, out of state, ethnic minority from a foreign background?

OldWell 45 replies 0 threads Junior Member. I don't know where people get the impression that UNC isn't diverse. I'm not sure what a 'foreign background' would be, though? Either you are foreign or not. Other groups probably love it too, but for each other group there will be some subtle concerns.

I should mention that the racial segretation is bad for white people too: they miss out on the chance of having lots of diverse friends. ThoughtProvoking replies 6 threads Member.

DavidWatts 22 replies 0 threads New Member. To all I guess it's time for me to do my annual jump in and try to bring some sanity back to the boards There are many possible explanations: 1 They really are that one in however many thousand persons having an experience unlike that of virtually every other person who has ever posted here. Beware especially of new posters who are negative OK, let's get back to trying to be helpful during this stressful time.

I am a bit of a contrarian, though. I'm already at UNC, though a bit distanced from the place. I more or less like it here, but I'm a white male and there are issues that people need to consider. UNC is far from perfect.

Let me respond to a couple of points: ThoughtProvoking -- you have deliberately I hope misunderstood some of the things I said. Also consider the fact that there are more gay men than lesbian women, and for straight girls it looks even worse than this.

Stereotpycally, girls get more involved in certain clubs and societies way more. Those clubs at UNC are practically all-female. And even if it is 7, guys out of 17, undergrads That means 7, guys to 10, girls. Even assuming they are all straight and all pair off I have been to very tame, mainstream undergrad house parties here where there were 3 attractive girls dancing very raunchily, competing for the attention of one guy. It was a bit sad. Not that they shouldn't dance raunchily if they want to, but the whole situation is a bit forced.

Now, this is not by itself a reason to come to UNC. In fact, you might even say that it's not at all important. The situation is even worse for grad student girls, since so many grad student guys dip into the undergrad girl pool. In my classes, to a large extent, the black people sit together and the white people sit together. There are only a few Asians and Europeans. This is largely replicated in the dining rooms, and even in the tour groups on campus at the moment. Just worth bearing in mind.

At a fundamental level, the university is a great experience if you are a white, middle-class or above, male. Everyone else should at least give it pause. It might probably will still be great for them, but there are certain issues to consider-- do you want do date and have a wide choice of partners? And this isn't even to dip into certain issues -- like the fact that the most prestigious fraternities and sororities admit practically no ethnic minorities. My apologies.

That was obviously very literally true a century ago, but today only about a quarter of UNC students are white males from North Carolina.

It really is unfortunate that that happens, because I agree with you that it deprives people of truly valuable intellectual and social growth opportunities. In fact, I think it is precisely the diversity of UNC -- and the depth with which people are often able to engage in discussions on these issues -- which has provided me with some of my most intellectually stimulating and rewarding conversations inside and outside of the classroom.

I'm ready to be corrected on this point. False- I was extremely happy in my other college, and I am pretty happy at Carolina. I just don't have rose-tinted sunglasses though they would be useful in the current weather. Got any substantive disagreements? What proportion of people here were born outside North Carolina, or the United States? How often do you hear people talking in other languages on campus here, and not faking it or practising a second language?

Well, I actually have only read the original post and it looks like some stuff's gone down so please do forgive me if I'm totally repeating what's been said BUT that piece NYT was absolutely bogus. Do not take it as a representation of what Carolina life is like. The end. UNC - Transfer Waitlist

The road to a 60 percent female campus

The flagship of the University of North Carolina system, it is considered a Public Ivy , or a public institution which offers an academic experience equivalent to an Ivy League university. Among the claimants, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the only one to have held classes and graduated students as a public university in the eighteenth century. The first public institution of higher education in North Carolina, the school opened its doors to students on February 12, North Carolina became coeducational under the leadership of President Kemp Plummer Battle in and began the process of desegregation under Chancellor Robert Burton House when African-American graduate students were admitted in The school's students, alumni , and sports teams are known as " Tar Heels ".

With a population of 59, , it is the 16th largest city in North Carolina and the th largest city in the United States. Chapel Hill is currently declining at a rate of

Despite the high job demand, computer science remains a male-dominated field in the United States. In response, many top colleges are making efforts to recruit female computer science students, making it an ideal time for women to pursue computer science degrees. The computer science field has been trying to appeal more to female employees by moving toward longer maternity leave and better work-life balance for working moms. However, efforts to attract women to tech-related careers need to begin in elementary school. On this page, you can learn more about why women aren't choosing tech careers and what can be done to change that.

UNC Chapel Hill Demographics: How Diverse Is It?

Total 30, students have enrolled into University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where 19, students have enroll into undergraduate programs and 10, students for graduate programs. By gender, 12, male and 17, female students are attending University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has relatively fewer students compared to similar colleges 35, students in average - Public Research University very high research activity. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has a total 30, enrolled students. By gender, 12, male and 17, female students male-female ratio: are attending University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. All Students Undergraduate Graduate. Among 19, enrolled in undergraduate programs, are transfer-in students.

Student Population at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Posted October 15, p. EDT Updated October 16, p. Chapel Hill, N. More than , undergraduate and graduate students were surveyed across those public and private universities to gauge the prevalence nationwide of sexual assault, stalking and harassment on campus.

Diversity can be somewhat of a buzzword with university admissions officers and students. For the purposes of producing diversity scores, College Factual defines diversity as the most plurality.

The Yackety Yack included photos to show the class of Women could enroll starting in , but there are no women shown in this class photo. Female students have long outnumbered their male counterparts at UNC, but the road to 60 percent was far from clear and easy. But the gender ratio that now feels so familiar is a far cry from the UNC of the s.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina Population 2020

The ideal college in North Carolina for your budget, lifestyle, and career goals is waiting for you! CollegeStats helps you compare North Carolina colleges offering a variety of degree programs to choose from. North Carolina students have the choice of attending a college with a high enrollment of female students.

African American women are at increased risk of HIV transmission through heterosexual contact. We used constant comparison techniques and visual display matrixes to analyse the data. Students identified the gender ratio imbalance of more women to men on campus as a key element of the campus dating environment and described how it places women at an increased risk for HIV infection. Primary consequences of this gender ratio imbalance were men having multiple female sexual partners during the same time period and women complying with men's condom use preferences. HIV preventive intervention programmes at HBCUs must address the gender ratio imbalance and its consequences to reduce women's risk of contracting the infection.

The New Math on Campus

After midnight on a rainy night last week in Chapel Hill, N. Bathed in a neon glow, they splashed beer from pitchers, traded jokes and belted out lyrics to a Taylor Swift heartache anthem thundering overhead. As a night out, it had everything — except guys. The experience has grown tiresome: they slip on tight-fitting tops, hair sculpted, makeup just so, all for the benefit of one another, Ms. Women have represented about 57 percent of enrollments at American colleges since at least , according to a recent report by the American Council on Education. Researchers there cite several reasons: women tend to have higher grades; men tend to drop out in disproportionate numbers; and female enrollment skews higher among older students, low-income students, and black and Hispanic students. In terms of academic advancement, this is hardly the worst news for women — hoist a mug for female achievement. And certainly, women are primarily in college not because they are looking for men, but because they want to earn a degree.

Apr 5, - There are around 7, undergraduate males at UNC-Chapel Hill (out of an overall undergraduate population of 17,). Maybe I should flip it.


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Undergraduate Gender Diversity Breakdown


Girl/Guy Ratio and OOS Social Scene




North Carolina Colleges With Highest % of Women



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