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Find the odd man mother sister brother wife

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Verbal Reasoning Questions and Answers

A and D are brothers. How is E related to C? B is the brother of A, whose only sister C is mother of D. E is maternal grandmother of D. How is B related to E? Raju is the brother of Alok. Sunita is the sister of Sunil. Alok is the son of Sunita. How is Raju related to Sunil? A and B are sisters, R and S are brothers. How is A related to E? How is D related to E? H is E's daughter whose wife is D. How are E and C related?

Given that A is the mother of B. C is the son of A. D is the brother of E. E is the daughter of B. Who is the grandmother of D? B and C are sisters. How is A related to C? Savita is the niece of Ashok, whose is mother is Lavanya. Lavanya's mother is Kavita. Kavita's husband is Govardhan. Padma is the mother-in-law of Govardhan. How is Savita related to Govardhan? Reena is the daughter-in-law of Vinay and sister-in-law of Suresh. Manoj is the son of Vinay and only brother of Suresh.

Find the relation between Reena and Manoj. How is Suresh related to the man? B is A's brother. C is A's father. D is C's sister and E is D's mother. Toggle navigation. Test of Reasoning - Relations Click on the option you think is right and then check by clicking on the Show Answer button.

You can change your option as many times as you like. Sister Sister-in-law Niece Wife Answer d. Answer c. Answer a. Answer d. Answer b.

General knowledge quiz challenges players to pick the odd one out

Kinship terminology is the system used in languages to refer to the persons to whom an individual is related through kinship. Different societies classify kinship relations differently and therefore use different systems of kinship terminology; for example, some languages distinguish between consanguine and affinal uncles i. Kinship terminologies include the terms of address used in different languages or communities for different relatives and the terms of reference used to identify the relationship of these relatives to ego or to each other. Anthropologist Lewis Henry Morgan — performed the first survey of kinship terminologies in use around the world. Though much of his work is now considered dated, he argued that kinship terminologies reflect different sets of distinctions.

This book is a journal spanning three decades, , and more. It is also a series of essays written during that period.

A and D are brothers. How is E related to C? B is the brother of A, whose only sister C is mother of D. E is maternal grandmother of D.

Blood Relationship - Solved Examples

By Stephanie Linning For Mailonline. This tricky general knowledge quiz promises to challenge even the brightest brains. Players are asked to pick the answer that is not like the others in a series of 15 multiple choice questions. While some are fairly easy to spot, others will give you pause for thought. Indeed its creator Cody Cross, who shared the quiz on Playbuzz , claims it is so difficult that 'no one' will be able to answer 10 correctly - let alone score full marks. Think you can beat the odds? Scroll down to take the test for yourself. The answers are at the bottom - so no cheating

Can you pick the odd one out?

How many times does Justin Bieber say 'baby' in his song 'Baby'? How many times does Justin Bieber say 'baby' his song 'Baby'? Who is the odd one out father grandfather mother sister cousin uncle and aunt? Did chiron believe the reign of kronos really was a Golden age Why or why not.

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Notifications Mark All Read. For Example Mother Daughter, father-son, but not husband and wife. Since a variety of questions are asked on blood relations, but we have bifurcated it into three types which are mentioned below:.

Reasoning : Find the odd man out from the given options

Growing up in Torrance in the s in an apartment near Marble Estates, Jeff Adams always wondered exactly who he was. Adams was raised by his biological mother and a man he believed was his father; they divorced when Jeff was about About eight years ago, he and a brother took a DNA test to determine whether they were related.

By Stephanie Linning For Mailonline. This deceptively difficult 'odd one out' quiz will definitely give you a mental workout. Players must pick their way through 10 vexing multiple choice questions and select the one answer that's not like the rest. Only those who can think outside the box will be able to score full marks. Scroll down to put yourself to the test.

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"Mother, Friend, Sister, Father, Brother" In Choose Odd Word, There are four One word in each group is different from the rest. Choose or find odd word.








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