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Find a friend who worksheet

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Thank you for joining our mailing list! Got a great worksheet on Getting-to-Know Each Other? Tell us about it and become a BusyTeacher contributor! Filter by Level NEW. Related Topics. September Back to School. Top articles in this category. Dramatically improve the way you teach:. Make A Word Search: Create awesome-looking custom word searches in seconds! Make A Double Puzzle: Generate double puzzles your students will love - hours of fun! ESL Articles.

View our latest knowledgebase articles that will help you become a better English teacher. Learn from professional teachers and put a bit of your own creativity into it! Rate this Category. Getting to know you PowerPoint Nesma Muhammad.

Students can be divided in 3 or 4 groups each group has a minimum of 3 people. Teacher shows students each slide for around a minute and lets them share Questions about Fall Jeff Genet. A great tool and resource for conversation classes.

This professionally illustrated PowerPoint will prompt your students to ask fun, meaningful and topic related questions about the fall. Discussions with young students can open up a road into a world of imagination and information. Students can be surprisingly informed about the world around them. This worksheet is a nice way to to review previous knowledge.

Everything is here: grammar tenses, modals , topic vocabulary free time activities, school subjects, extreme sports, music, descript I Love My Family vanda This is a simple and easy reading comprehension worksheet on the topic family, physical description and the present simple tense. The worksheet is available in both colour and black and white Put BusyTeacher in your inbox.

Self Introduction Young Learners Bhawna. This worksheet is a genuine attempt to develop fluency in young learners while introducing themselves. So I have desi This is a list of questions and examples of answers that you can use as an icebreaker with your new students, it can be also helpful to teach new vocabulary and expressions! Suitable for elementar This is a worksheet for the first episode of the TV series London Central. It contains watching, writing and speaking exercises about the first acquaintance and some simple phrases for meeting new This is a powerpoint presentation which can be used during a roleplay and communicative activities based on a specific objective.

It contains useful expressions and phrases for daily conversation Find Someone Who This resource can be used when starting the new school term. It is a nice way for students to start talking to their new classmates and finding out a bit about them. They can write the names of th Back to School Survey PrimaryLeap.

It is a nice way to learn a little bit about your new students! Kids answer the questions and can also compare their answers with their Introducing Yorself and Classmates juannovak.

It uses other people's personal information to introduce Face to Face Game Anna Luara. This worksheet provides nine role play cards. They contain information related to work and study, routine, family and hobbies. Students can simply ask each other questions and collect information, Personal Information Soledad Moreno. A PowerPoint presentation to introduce the students. There are some questions that students have to complete and, at the same time, answer.

It provides good practice of questions Do you sometimes find it difficult to connect well with students in the classroom setting? How about becoming a vendor of English words and sentences on the sidewalk, outside school, etc.? Welcome Back Cover Eliana Students complete this worksheet with personal information the first day of class and then they can use it as a cover of their exercise books.

It can be perfectly used with groups of kids that sta A worksheet for busy teachers who want to enjoy their lesson while getting the best out of their students. Contains true or false questions, fill-in-the-gaps, and opinion questions about the music This worksheet will help you review the numbers, objects, articles and verb to be. It was designed for elementary students. You can use this worksheet after you've taught personal information nam Fake Identity Cards Nelly.

I have created these fake identity cards for my class. I think it's a good practice on forming and answering basic questions. Instructions: cut out the cards - you'll have two sets of cards Meeting New People mrsssalvatore. This has all reading, listening, writing and speaking aspects that can benefit the overall English language ca Question words are listed in a box at the top of the page but encourage students to look there only when necessary.

Great getting to know you task as it allows the student to complete the que Listenings about Stereotypes reinnat3. These two listenings deal with stereotypes. The two worksheets come Find Something in Common- Bingo Olyanu.

This worksheet is a wonderful get-to-know activity suitable both for your introductory lesson and as a warmer to start your class. It's particularly useful if you need to divide students into grou Submit a Worksheet. Previous page 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Next page. Please wait FREE Getting-to-Know Each Other Worksheets This is the getting to know each other section of the site where you can discover new ways to encourage your students to share more information about themselves with one another or the class as a whole.

With worksheets to choose from, you should find something your students will like. Teachers have suggested that many of these worksheets be used in your first class with students but this getting-to-know-you activity is a little different. This worksheet helps students compose and deliver a report about themselves so wait until students feel more comfortable with one another before introducing this activity.

Even after a year of class together, students will still be able to think of some new information to share. You might also consider using this as a review after you have covered all the individual questions in other class periods. There are many worksheets in this section that are appropriate for learners of different levels and ages if this one does not fit into your course.

Being able to introduce yourself is important when meeting new people and since this is a common occurrence it is good to have student practice asking and answering some basic questions such as the ones on the worksheets in this section.

Students will have to have a good grasp of the required vocabulary before starting to learn these sentence structures. Once students have mastered the answers, introduce the question forms and allow students to practice using interview activities and model dialogues. YES, sign me up!

Find A Friend Worksheet

Find someone who is a great mingling activity which gets students on their feet and forces them to interact one-on-one with their classmates. I often do one of these on the first day with a new class as they can serve as a great ice-breaker activity. Brainstorm examples of follow up questions which they can ask to find out a little more for the extra information column.

Every class is full of kids who are totally different and come to school with completely different life experiences, preferences, habits and family backgrounds. While it can be sometimes hard to address this, it can also be a huge strength. Finding these similarities and learning more about each student is the precise goal of this back-to-school icebreaker activity.

The updated new edition of this valuable resource offers an exciting collection of ready-to-use worksheets to help adolescents build the social skills they need to interact effectively with others and learn how to apply these skills to various real-life settings, situations, and problems. The book provides 20 complete teaching units focusing on 20 basic social skills, such as being a good listener, "reading" other people, and using common sense. Darlene Mannix. A flexible, ready-to-use activities program to help special students in grades The updated new edition of this valuable resource offers an exciting collection of ready-to-use worksheets to help adolescents build the social skills they need to interact effectively with others and learn how to apply these skills to various real-life settings, situations, and problems. Getting Rid of Annoying Tendencies.

Free Printable: Find a Classmate Who … (Icebreaker Activity)

Students and teachers form bonds quickly when exchanging information about themselves. This scavenger hunt icebreaker activity creates bonds among students and between the students and teacher. Exchanging information fosters trust and connection. As a result, the entire group feels more comfortable and open. This activity works best for a large group. Adapt it for any group size by ensuring that each category fits more than one individual in the group. In this icebreaker activity, participants find an individual in the group who fits the description for each of the following categories.

New Friend Scavenger Hunt Icebreaker Activity

I love this workbook. It was helpful in my Introduction to DBT course! I highly recommended it. Marsha M. Featuring more than user-friendly handouts and worksheets, this is an essential resource for clients learning dialectical behavior therapy DBT skills, and those who treat them.

As a teacher and role model for young minds, you can facilitate this important skill by teaching a unit on friendship.

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Find Someone Who

This activity involves learners by asking them to try to find someone in the class who matches a description or knows certain information. It can be used to practice new vocabulary, to activate background knowledge, or to review concepts. Students enjoy the mobility and sociability of the strategy.

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Walking is a lifetime fitness activity that's easy to incorporate into classes, but many teachers dread the moans and groans of students who find walking boring. Walking Games and Activities can change those negative reactions! Students of every age respond with enthusiasm to games such as Coyotes and Roadrunners, Beat That Lap, and the many other fun and challenging activities this book presents. Walking Games and Activities is the first book to combine the concepts of fitness and walking as a vehicle for games. It's a one-stop shop for teachers and activity leaders who want to teach walking in a fun way but aren't sure how to begin.

Find someone who – printable worksheets for adult classes

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Will the ugly duckling find a friend? Watch and find out! Print the worksheet about friends and complete the exercises to help you practise your English! 0.








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