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Did elsa get a girlfriend in frozen 2

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There will be bewitching new magic, plenty of new faces and the much-anticipated follow-up to "Let It Go. Even during a recent press day for Frozen 2 , much of the movie was still shrouded in secrecy. However, the filmmakers were willing to say one thing definitively: "Elsa's not going to have a romantic relationship in this," writer-director Jennifer Lee told a group of journalists gathered at Walt Disney Animation Studios. When Lee, fellow director Chris Buck and their producer, Peter Del Vecho, sat down with ET, they discussed whether they ever considered introducing a love interest for Elsa, earning their ending and creating deeper, darker music. ET: There were plenty of business reasons why you could make Frozen 2. What was the moment you knew you should make one?

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: Frozen 2: That’s (Probably) Not Elsa’s Girlfriend


"Frozen" Star Josh Gad Responded To Those Fan Theories About Elsa’s Sexuality

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Frozen 2 is here to revive the fandom of the singing ice princess and 'Let it Go' playing on loop. Disney's separate fan base has been ready for the film since when the first instalment released in theatres. Just as soon as the first trailer dropped earlier this year in February, fans already got down to speculating the plot.

The most popular speculation was that Elsa will have a girlfriend in Frozen 2. And now, we finally have an answer to that question from director Jennifer Lee herself. For the uninitiated, Elsa stans want the grown-up character to find a love interest and they spotted a character to theorize around.

And the immediate reaction was this -. To buffer the disappointment here, it isn't what you expect:. She was still getting used to the fact that people were accepting her and she still had so many questions about her powers. The big thing with this film is that this woman is carrying the weight of the kingdom on her shoulders and is wrestling with this extraordinary power.

It was this feeling on which she is focusing on and that is a lot. Like a real Queen, Elsa's agenda in Frozen 2 is to focus on herself. Don't believe us yet? Check out our film review of Frozen 2 here:. Check out the trailer here:. Director Jennifer Lee Spills Details!

Frozen 2 trailer: Does Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen 2? Kristen Bell responds

Ever since "Frozen" premiered in , people in the LGBTQ community have found Queen Elsa's story to be a powerful allegory for queer identity , and hoped she might be given a gay love interest in the coming sequel. But Elsa doesn't have any type of romantic partner in the upcoming movie, despite the popular fan theories about her sexuality. Elsa's powers will be tested in the new adventure facing her in "Frozen 2. Lee and her codirector Chris Buck, along with producer Peter Del Vecho, first started thinking about the story for "Frozen 2" about three years ago.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Frozen 2. But in , Frozen 's Elsa made history when she became the first Disney princess to remain single throughout the film.

Seriously, how did this take so long?! The second installment will bring back all our favorite characters: Anna, Kristoff, Olaf, Sven, and, of course, Elsa herself. The new film apparently explores how Elsa got her magical ice queen powers. Also, there are rumors of a proposal, but no promises. One of the biggest theories surrounding Frozen 2 is that Elsa has a girlfriend, which would be iconic, to say the least.

Does Elsa Have a Girlfriend In ‘Frozen 2’? Director Jennifer Lee Spills Details!

By Kristy Puchko Film November 25, Frozen 2 is now in theaters, delighting audiences with a fresh adventure, new songs, cute characters, and the reunion of Kristen Bell, Jonathan Groff, Josh Gad, and Idina Menzel. On all these points, Disney is thrilling fans of Anna and Elsa. Did Disney give Elsa a girlfriend? In the spring of , Frozen 2 was in the works when one fan offered Disney a suggestion on Twitter:. Why not have Frozen 2 present Elsa a princess to share her life, her throne, and her heart? The idea soon gathered steam and the hashtag GiveElsaAGirlfriend caught on, spurring a petition as well as plenty of fan art of a proposed partner for the ice queen, like a princess of color with fire powers!

Does Elsa Have a Girlfriend in ‘Frozen 2’?

Frozen star Josh Gad has some answers — kind of — for Queen Elsa stans who desperately want the pop culture icon to be lesbian. In the original movie, while her sister, Anna, entertains romantic feelings for other male characters, Elsa has no time for such considerations as she is preoccupied with her supernatural powers. The anticipation that Elsa might come out as queer in the sequel was only heightened in the days leading up to the release of Frozen 2. Despite no official confirmation or hint from the writers or Disney, fans have shipped Elsa and Honeymaren, a supporting character. Ok the way Elsa and Honeymaren look at each other gives me some strong gay vibes Frozen2spoilers Frozen2.

After Disney unveiled its first trailer for the highly-anticipated Frozen 2 on Wednesday, fans claim to have spotted a very important component: Elsa's girlfriend.

In that very last shot of the film, what we'll say, is she is just happy. She's truly free. Skip navigation! Story from Movies.

Frozen 2: Does Elsa have a girlfriend in Frozen sequel? Director Jennifer Lee spills the beans

While there will be a few new characters joining the awesome five-some, fans have been curious for years now to know if Elsa would come out of the closet in Frozen 2 and have a girlfriend. Several social media users have been campaigning that Elsa should get a girlfriend in Frozen 2. The campaign, which began in , gained momentum when the first Frozen 2 trailer released.

Even before it was announced the Frozen II was happening, fans saw something special and a little bit…different about Queen Elsa of Arendelle. No, not the ice powers, something else. Something a little bit queer. Her anxiety about hiding part of herself and the destruction that caused, as well as her fear of rejection and her self-imposed isolation, were all elements that are familiar to those of us who have been in the closet or worried about coming out to our families. Aside from these tragic tropes that gave way to acceptance, Elsa was a bit camp too, just as much as she was subtly queer.

‘Frozen 2’ Cast Weighs in: Should Elsa Have a Girlfriend?

Six years after Disney fans were first introduced to the glacial kingdom of Arendelle, they're finally getting a sequel with Frozen 2 released in UK cinemas this Friday. As well as the return of favourites Princess Anna, Queen Elsa and Olaf, cinema-goers will also be introduced to new character Honeymaren, voiced by Rachel Matthews. Fans first caught a glimpse of Honeymaren in the film's trailer , released earlier this year, and have since been speculating whether she and Elsa may end up together. While Honeymaren only briefly featured in the trailer, fans online quickly began speculating that she will be Elsa's girlfriend in the upcoming film. This movie is about to be the gay movie of the year. One Twitter user, however, added: "Why are people pushing Elsa to have a girlfriend in Frozen 2? Let that girl flourish as a strong single women.

Nov 19, - Some cast members, like Martha Plimpton (Yelana), shared their enthusiasm at the idea. “I don't know,” she said. “Yeah, I hope she does. If she.

Frozen 2 is here to revive the fandom of the singing ice princess and 'Let it Go' playing on loop. Disney's separate fan base has been ready for the film since when the first instalment released in theatres. Just as soon as the first trailer dropped earlier this year in February, fans already got down to speculating the plot. The most popular speculation was that Elsa will have a girlfriend in Frozen 2.

Frozen 2 fans have been running to watch the next film in the Disney franchise after its release in cinemas, and now its release on DVD and to download. In , however, a trailer released by Disney left some fans a little confused about what the future of the franchise held. However, that has not stopped fans from suggesting it may be something to come in the future, and the filmmakers have certainly not denied it.






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