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Catwoman find two face in museum

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The fictional character Two-Face was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and first appeared in Detective Comics 66 August , [1] but has since been substantially adapted from the comics into various forms of media, such as feature films , television series and video games. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Lego Batman. Retrieved Retrieved December 29,

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Two-Face in other media

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After a few opening scenes, you'll begin the game as Bruce Wayne, tied up in a chair. Instead of just sitting here watching the telly, move the left stick back and forth to wobble the chair and free yourself. A guard will rush in. As you pass through the next room, you'll be threatened by some of the other prisoners, then ordered by the guard to go to the line on your left.

Do as he says, and on your way you'll get a glimpse of the villain Black Mask on your right. You'll briefly encounter Dr. Strange again before being added to the party entering Arkham City. When the door opens, you'll have some thugs to fight while stuff handcuffed.

The X button on PS3 is not the attack button. You'll save the poor guy only to be unavoidably brought down by a thug. When you awake, you'll be face to face with the Penguin. He'll throw a punch, which you can counter, causing his men to attack you. During one of your counters, Wayne will break free from his handcuffs, allowing you to fight at full strength. As you attack and counter, you will build up a FreeFlow multiplier that will increase with each hit.

Once you're in FreeFlow, your attacks will go further to home in on targets. If you stop attacking, miss with an attack or counter, or take a hit, the FreeFlow will end and the multiplier will reset. The Penguin threatens you after you take out his goons, but you can take him down with a single punch.

Bruce will contact Alfred from here. Jump to the building with a running start and you'll catch the ledge. While you're hanging there, shimmy over the right to reach an area you can climb up to.

Now you just have to runn and jump to clear the gap to the air vent, then climb the ladder to reach the roof.

Here, approach the pod and "Suit Up. To open the case containing the trophy, simply press the nearby button and run over to grab the trophy within two seconds. Enter the courthouse and watch the scene unfolding below.

Move onto the tightrope to nimbly walk across it like Sly Cooper. Now you'll have to fight Two-Face's goons while he shoots at you from above. Now that you are Batman, your fighting moves have been greatly expanded. However, if you're attacked while performing this coup de grace, you will be unable to counter and taking the hit will interrupt the move. Finishing everyone off will earn you the Acid Bath 10G achievement or trophy.

Press LB to enter detective mode. First, scan the bullet in the center of the room. Next, scan the window with a bullet hole. This will allow you to determine where the shot originated from. Exit the courthouse through the top door. Eliminate these foes if you want a little experience, then grapple up to the building with someone standing on top. Approach him, and he will speak to you, then disappear and leave a mark on the ground.

Head to the church door. You can use the nearby gargoyles to literally get the drop on the guards. Harley Quinn will attack you inside. Counter her hit, then wait and watch things play out. Once she leaves, press Y to drop a smoke pellet and RB to grapple up to the nearby gargoyle. Now move by grappling from one gargoyle to the next.

When Batman makes note of the goon with a hostage, grapple over to the closest gargoyle, then glide down to the platform above him. While standing directly above him, press Y for a silent takedown. Once he's down, immediately grapple back up to the gargoyle. Go around the room by grappling to get behind the two men next to each other. The final guy is in a box. Drop down behind the box and press Y or Triangle to take him down through the wood paneling.

Y Triangle will allow you to quickly drop one while under fire. You'll also now be able to purchase the upgrade, Batclaw Disarm, when you level up. Talk to Aaron Cash, who'll be standing by the exit door. Afterward, enter the door with a "Bell Tower" sign next to it.

Grapple up to the top of the tower and take the ladder to enter a separate area. Use LB L2 to investigate the rifle. After a brief conversation, run toward the window and double tap A X to fly out of it. Follow the Joker's signal trace, or just head the Steel Mill in the industrial district. On the way, the AR Training sidequest will unlock. Follow the signal to the roof of the mill.

Grapple up to the chimney to automatically dive into it and land on a tightrope. Glide over to the safe ground across from you. Slide under the break. Climb over the pipes. Enter detective mode, then use the Batclaw to pull open the valve and cool the furnace. Climb out on the railing like Sly Cooper, then jump across to the other rail by holding A X and pushing in that direction. Climb across this rail to the other side.

Use explosive gel on the ground here to break through it, then drop down. Crouchwalk under the pipe in front of you. Use the Batarang to hit the button above you and to the right to turn off the steam.

Climb up into the opening. You'll see a gathering of Joker's goons through the fence ahead. Go around to the right, wait for the fire to abate as it does every few seconds , then proceed past it. You can mark it on your map by holding RB R2. To your right, you'll come to a fork. The left path leads to three buttons that you need to press by quickthrowing Batarangs with LT L1 in quick succession.

This will open up the right path. From here, you can perform a takedown on a thug from below, then fight the rest. Some will try to throw furniture at you. Press Y Triangle while the furniture is in the air to catch it and throw it back.

Doing this three times is one of the Riddler Challenges. Go through the door with "Death Ride" sloppily written above it. Mark it by holding RB R2 and come back to it later. Go through the next door. Instead of going through the door ahead, hit the button on the conveyer belt and crawl under the door that opens.

Grapple up from here and walk out to a room with three thugs. Grapple up to a vantage point to avoid detection. You can move to the vantage point behind them, then take out the one on the right with a Silent Takedown and the two on the left with a Double Takedown. Enter the next room behind these thugs, either through the door or by jumping through the window. Your choice. Open the next double door and go through. You can take down the two ahead with a Double Takedown.

Head to the left and either take the guy downstairs out with a Silent Takedown or do it from the grate beneath him. You can take out the fifth guy from above without the hostage-holder seeing you. To get to the hostage, use the air vent outside the room and take him down from behind.

Rescue Dr. Baker and talk to her. You'll receive the Remote Electrical Charge. Shoot the generators above the indicated doors to open them. Grapple up and enter the air vent.

Take these four guys out.

Batman: Arkham City - Aftermath: Catwoman Mission Walkthrough

Or at least I assume it's the last, seeing as it comes after the credits. So, playing on hard, I've hit a wall here. I'm stuck trying to take down Two-Face and his men. Everything I try results in a quick failure, and there isn't much to try because Catwoman really lacks effective predator abilities.

If you start at the ground floor, you will have to find stairs 1. Otherwise you just need to follow the only possible corridor 2.

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How to Defeat Two-Face at the Museum in "Batman: Arkham City"

No need to waste time endlessly browsing—here's the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month. See the full list. Check out this collection of photos we love from some of our favorite video games. See our Video Games Guide for more. See the full gallery. You control Batman as he fights to subdue The Joker and his fellow inmates when they seize control of the Asylum on Arkham Island. With his back against the wall, Batman turns to his closest allies to help him save Gotham City from the clutches of Scarecrow and the Arkham Knight's army.

How to beat two face as catwoman?

After a few opening scenes, you'll begin the game as Bruce Wayne, tied up in a chair. Instead of just sitting here watching the telly, move the left stick back and forth to wobble the chair and free yourself. A guard will rush in. As you pass through the next room, you'll be threatened by some of the other prisoners, then ordered by the guard to go to the line on your left. Do as he says, and on your way you'll get a glimpse of the villain Black Mask on your right.

Ward, who now runs a dog rescue , dropped by for a preview party, joined by actress Lee Meriwether, who played Catwoman in the first Batman movie, an assortment of special guest villains, and a gaggle of playful TV stars of the last five decades.

Selina Kyle , also known by her alias Catwoman , was an orphan who learned to survive on Gotham City 's streets. She took to thievery to survive, but was determined to do it in her own style. She learned martial arts and trained extensively to perfect her own skills at cat burglary.

Where is Two-Face in the museum?

Batman is stuck in a giant city-prison with all the people he helped put there, and his jailer also happens to be insane. The solution, obviously, is to beat people up to cure a disease. And then beat the Joker up again, just because.

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This Hollywood Exhibit Celebrates the Groovy Batman of 1960s TV

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Single-segment Normal with Catwoman DLC: by Sean Grayson. The two-face part at the end is extremely easy to pull off on normal. Once in the museum you are supposed to get a tutorial on dealing with knife guys, but you can.

Supreme Gamer writes about upcoming video games, tips, and hints, focusing mainly on the science fiction and RPG genres. So, you've reached Catwoman's final main mission in Batman: Arkham City. It's time to retrieve your loot from your apartment and get out of town. Unfortunately, you discover that it has been stolen by Two-Face and must be recovered, and that will be no easy feat.

Trouble with Last Catwoman Mission

Home Games. These are some helpful walkthroughs for some side missions that occur during the aftermath of Arkham City's main story. Some stuff about her I like, but aside from her ability to walk on areas of the ceiling, she is probably the worst part of the game. Her thief vision is like a thermal view but is really vomit inducing.

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