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Boyfriend not looking for a job

We have known one another for about ten years dating on and off, taking a four year break at one point. We are compatible on many levels, but there is one thing that continues to turn me off from ten years ago to now and that is his lack of ambition to be successful professionally. I find the sexiest thing about a man is his intelligence, and no matter if a person is well read or not, a great deal of intelligence comes from professional life experience. I should be happy to have a man who loves me and I can trust. I think everyone here can feel your pain.

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My Boyfriend is Wonderful, but Not Ambitious or Successful

Messages You have no messages. Notifications You have no notifications. All Topics. Type your question. Enter more details. We basically only hang out in his room, we can only go out to eat when I pay. What should I do? Am I being materialistic? Delete Report Edit Lock Reported. Respond to Anonymous:. Respond Your response must be between 3 and characters. Kingslayer Send a private message.

He wants mommy and daddy to take care of him until whenever. Find a grown man to date. There are plenty of jobs out there, they just may not be what he wants. Living beyond your means is also not a good thing for someone existing on borrowed money.

Cler16 Send a private message. I don't think you are being unreasonable. After a year and a half, he should have a job. If he doesn't by now, it sounds like he is unmotivated.

He may be too comfortable at his parents. Is he even working part time? I am not a fan of ultimatums, but you may need to give him one. It is not fair of him to expect you to pay for everything if he is not making any effort to work.

I think you need to examine whether you can see yourself with him long-term. If he lacks motivation, will he be a good life partner for you? Good luck. Edited on November 17, at UTC by the author. No one who wakes up at 2 pm is looking hard for a job. You should dump him and go look for an adult to date. LadyKat Send a private message. Go find a man who is ready to attack life with vigor. Sleeping till 2pm is barely a turnip. You can do better. Find a new guy to date Paying for dates, supporting our women is something we guys have done forever, whether going to school or not, so no sympathy there.

As far as not getting a job? Not buying it. Economy is good. My degree is engineering, and though I have my own business, I could find a job in a week.

Might not be a great job, but a job, resume builder, until I find a better job. He's not trying, you are not happy. It's ok to let a relationship go, you know. If it's not working for you, it's not working for you. Don't be miserable. Life is too short, and there is too much shit to see and do. Hierophant Send a private message. Edited on November 18, at UTC by the author. Americanguy1 Send a private message. Yes and no. Traveling is not a necessity.

It is a luxury. Is he a bum? Is he to blame? You both are. Life is not all about going out to eat or taking selfies in Thailand. Especially when your broke. But yes he sucks too. If your going to spend money that you owe to loans on material shit your not much better than him. Your both careless. But when your parents allow a grown child to freeload i dont blame the child.

You want to spend your money on instant entertainment. He does not want or need a job because everyone wipes his ass. Who is wrong who is right. Do what you want with your money and expect Others to do the same. Americanguy1 : Maybe my initial post was unclear and that warranted a rude reply from you. I have a full scholarship at Columbia, I'm living off loans because I refuse to ask my parents for living expenses.

I do want to travel, I am about to graduate law school and have a job lined up that pays enough for me to do so.

Never did I say that I was planning on traveling using my student loans. Don't rely on so many of your own assumptions when you're giving someone advice. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply. Ask a New Question expand. Anonymous Husband emotional? Anonymous Am I making a mistake with an ex escort? Anonymous Broke up 3 months ago. We never talked or messaged since then. He blocked and unblocked me 3 or 4 times a month. Grooming Fragrances Hair Shaving Skin. AskMen on Facebook.

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Boyfriend has been unemployed for a year and a half.. am i being unreasonable?

FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Dedicated boyfriend but unemployed and unambitious, should i end it? I'm 29, have a doctorate, make 6 figures and own my own place. I've been with a guy who is 5 years younger than me for 6 months now. When we first met he was very honest and revealed that he never finished high school but has a GED, he tried 1 semester of college but dropped out; he also disclosed without me asking that his job paid 30k a year.

The problem is, he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. Whenever I bring up the subject he gets really defensive and even aggressive.

He has no sense of pride. What would he have to be proud of in his life? He put off a false sense of confidence because really he had the lowest of low self-esteem. He had no sort of self-worth because what is HE really worth? No job means he contributes nothing to society.

Boyfriend not trying to get a job

You know what I am talking about. And read my 21 pieces of unsolicited advice for you, the brokenhearted. In our teens, being in the band made a man sexy. I went and confirmed it with an expert. It also highlights his self-esteem. Give him a reasonable time frame and pay attention to his dedication and energy level. It may be time to give him the pink slip.

Don’t Marry Your Man If He Lacks These 4 Traits

Christina, 29, has been with her serious boyfriend for several years. Whenever they go anywhere, she now pays for them both. This could go one of two ways: It could be the catalyst for your breakup, or it could be the first major challenge that you and your boyfriend get through together. Neither will be fun or sexy.

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Dear Amy : I am 30, and my boyfriend is We have been together for eight months. We are looking at this relationship as one that will lead to marriage.

My Boyfriend Can’t Find a Job and It’s Driving Me Nuts!

Part of it is my doing — I encouraged him to quit his job in December without having something lined up, which goes against my usual advice. However, the people he worked for were terrible; I have a high bullshit threshold and these people went way past it. He once went to them with a complaint of sexual harassment by a female client — which made him profoundly and understandably uncomfortable — and they LAUGHED at him and told him he should be flattered! Fuck that noise, I said.

When your significant other gets a job out of state, it can be a difficult situation. What you decide to do really depends on your personal situation, your commitment, and how it will affect your long-term career goals. It also depends what stage of life you're in. When you first graduate from college, you may decide to move together to a city and look for jobs close to each other. On the other hand, some college relationships end because people are not able to find jobs close to each other and the long distance thing is difficult to maintain. If you are older and more established in your career, moving may be even more difficult for you.

My Boyfriend Won’t Get A Better Job


If your significant other gets a job out of state, you can move with him/her, try the you may decide to move together to a city and look for jobs close to each other. end because people are not able to find jobs close to each other and the long.


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