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Best oil for wet look hair

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First of all, keep in mind that the sleek wet or wet look hairstyle works with all cuts. For an optimal wet effect, wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that will boost your shine. Comb out your locks thoroughly, then dry them. This hairstyle is easier to do with a smooth base, but you can also leave light natural waves in your hair if you prefer. No time to dry your tresses? No problem.

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Get the Wet Look

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It is basically an extremely sleek, uber-stylish coiffure that makes your hair look like you just came out of the shower or the rain!

As with all great and excessively stylish looks, this one takes some upkeep and a lot of preparation. There are a few different ways to accomplish this debonair hairdo, and they are a bit more complicated than the lather-rinse-repeat you may be used to.

Your first option for sporting the all-day wet hair style is to use hair mousse. This is a product that will not only give you that wet look but also provide a certain volume to your hair making it perfect for guys with thin or thinning hair. Step 1: Take a shower — shampoo AND condition that hair of yours getting all that grime out but also treating and nourishing. Now, the mousse option works well, and gives off a volumized wet-look but has a little less sheen than some of the other product options to choose from.

For this reason, we highly recommend the mousse option for thinning hair, but if you want more shine… go with a pomade. Pomades provide arguably the best wet LOOK hair style, they just provide a little less hold than a gel or a mousse. The upside is that with a pomade you can re-style your hair throughout the day without reapplying more product or risking flakes as with gel and mousse.

Applying a pomade is a slightly different endeavor compared with the mousse method above — so pay attention. Step 2: Dry hair thoroughly — we would even recommend using a blow dryer as this will add some extra volume to your hair that you may otherwise lose after the pomade is applied.

Step 4: Work it — work the product into your hair with the TIPs of your fingers, you can use your three fingers like a comb as you drag the pomade through your luscious locks, just be sure the pomade is spread evenly throughout your hair.

Step 5: Comb — the pomade process is best styled with a comb, using your fingers can leave your hair looking messy and greasy not the good kind either… the homeless kind , a comb runs through the pomade properly leaving you looking like a dapper gentleman and not a dirty derelict. Step 6: Swagger — this is the hottest look right now, so sport it accordingly, wear it with confidence and make others aware of your self-assurance with that manly swagger and strut. Gel is a fine entry level product but most gels contain a plethora of harmful alcohols that can dry out your hair and leave it damaged.

Not to mention, gel tends to start fading into the night and can start to flake if it becomes mussed. Hair waxes are great if you are looking for a stronger hold but tend to give off less of a shine than traditional pomades. Our two favorites are the Mousse Method and the Pomade Process above. Now if we had to pick one we tend toward the pomade. This is because pomades provide considerably more shine than the mousse will.

In addition, pomades especially oil based products are extremely healthy for your hair and will nourish strands from the follicle all the way up the shaft as you wear it throughout the day.

First, you need to consider your hair type to get the right look. If your hair is thicker or coarse, then you can get away with an extra hold product, and if you have curly hair, you may want to check out a product with anti-frizz ingredients. One other important consideration to make is the quality of your product.

Lucky Tiger is a great barbershop tunic that will condition itchy scalps. After applying it to your hair, you can rinse dirt and grease out of your hair in the shower or even with a wet comb. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon. Get the Wet Look By wgf 1 Comment. Comments Yasir H. August 13, at am. Brylcreem will do the job perfectly. Related Posts.

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4 Ways to Get Wet Hair Look That Last All Day Long

Skip to main content Wet Look Hair. Currently unavailable. I have to style my hair for work every day and this stuff holds strong all day. See All Buying Options. In Stock.

Both men and women are after getting a wet hair look without damaging their hair too much. Be it a stylish undercut, a comb over, a wet beach look or just a spontaneous wet hairstyle, you want the beauty to last all day long without fail. The worst thing that can happen is half of your hairstyle starting to look dry and messy while the other one stays wet and beautiful.

Skip navigation! Story from Beauty. When it comes to curly hair, oils are a major key. In fact, almost every single complaint you have about your curls can be resolved with the right oil: from frizz to lack of shine, brittle hair, and even split ends.

How To Make Hair Look Wet?!?

The greatest advantage of this look is that it can be incorporated into any hair type, from messy curls to thinner, slicked-back hair. Creating wetness requires working in a little bit of a product such as mousse or pomade before combing washed hair into place. For an easy wet look, try massaging in some hair gel all the way down to your roots. Finish by using your fingers or a comb to create the shape you want. Keep in mind, though, that some gels can give you a hard, flattened look, which may not be great for fine or short hair. If you have this kind of hair, try using hair mousse instead of gel, which will make your hair sleek while giving it a boost of volume. For more advice from our Beauty co-author, including how to use hair products, like wax or pomade, keep reading! Did this summary help you? Yes No.

Why Wet Hair Is the Beauty Statement of the Summer

Updated versions of throwback classics are the hair trends poised to take over As it turns out, what you need to do is create the illusion of wet hair. I like to use a lightweight oil like the NatureLab. Of course, you could always elevate the wet effect by mixing water with the oil, but if you must, we recommend lightly spritzing it on little by little so you avoid stringy strands. In the meantime, here are a handful of top-rated oils to use when you want to try on this celebrity favorite.

Sashaying down the AW19 runways at Haider Ackermann, Burberry and Fashion East and appearing on red carpets everywhere Margot Robbie, Allison Williams and Vanessa Kirby we're looking at you , wet look hair is officially the high fashion 'do to be working on your next night out out.

But are all oils created equal? Not so fast. For example, if you're looking for something to enhance shine , carrier oils like olive, carrot, or jojoba can help with that. However, if you are looking for an oil that provides heat protection when using hot tools, silicone is your BFF.

How-To: The Perfect After Hours Wet Look

The wet-look hairstyle is having quite the moment. Lo have donned the smooth, sculpted style. But the celebs who are responsible for turning the look into a full-fledged craze are Kim Kardashian West and the Hadid sisters.

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The most popular way to wear it was combed away from the face, with no part. Exactly how you would naturally step out of the showers only more glam, and with less actual water droplets. This unmistakably fazhun hairstyle, though not new by any respects, is fierce and very D. The best wet look hair gel has to have a shiny finish, and provide a strong but not sticky control. Your style should have enough hold to stay in place throughout the day: This trend looks its most on-point when molded in a slight fauxhawk shape away from the face, without any stringiness. For Styling.

Best “Wet Look” Hair Gel that Money Can Buy

Live Chat. Condition with tons of olive oil until u have a decent coating, then do a normal shampoo. Why do people want to do this? I don't even understand! I have curly hair n I'm tired of using mousse n hair spray to make it look nice besides just straightening all the damn time. Obviously not wet. Y would you want it wet?

Is there a good hair product that makes hair look wet without it being mousse or Condition with tons of olive oil until u have a decent coating, then do a normal.

It is basically an extremely sleek, uber-stylish coiffure that makes your hair look like you just came out of the shower or the rain! As with all great and excessively stylish looks, this one takes some upkeep and a lot of preparation. There are a few different ways to accomplish this debonair hairdo, and they are a bit more complicated than the lather-rinse-repeat you may be used to.

Products You Can Use to Get the Wet Hair Look Without Water


The Best Hair Oil for Your Hair Type




Wet Look Hair


Hairstyle: how to get the sleek wet look in 5 simple steps


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