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A baby girl name in hindi

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Names are not just for birth days, they are for entire life. The following are some modern and traditional Hindu girl names , find one for your child. There are names in this directory beginning with the letter A. Aaarti Worship.

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383 Hindi Baby Girl Names With Meanings

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Names are not just for birth days, they are for entire life. The following are some modern and traditional Hindu girl names , find one for your child. There are names in this directory beginning with the letter A.

Aaarti Worship. Aab Shine. Aabharana Jewel. Aadarsh Ideal. Aadarsha Ideal. Aadarshini Idealistic. Aadhana Being First. Aadhaya First Power. Aadhilakshmi Summer Sun. Aadhira Restless; Moon. Aadhirai A Special Star. Aadhyaa Goddess Durga. Aadhyatha First Preference.

Aadisha Beautiful. Aadishree Exalted. Aadishri Goddess Lakshmi. Aadit Peak; Shade; Bright. Aadita The Sun; From the Beginning. Aaditi Beginning; Peak. Aaditri Godess Laxmi.

Aadrika Goddess Lakshmi; Mountain; Celestial. Aadrita Adorable. Aadvika Unique; Matchless. Aagam Arrival; Holy Jain Scripture. Aagasya Maharshi. Aaghnya Born from Fire; Goddess Lakshmi. Aagman Arrival; Welcome. Aahaladita Bubbling with Delight. Aaheli Pure. Aahlaadita Bubbling with Delight. Aahladita Bubbling with Delight. Aahna Exist; Beautiful. Aahsha Hope. Aahuk God Gift. Aahwaana Invitation. Aaina Mirror; Reflection. Aakaanksha Wish or Desire.

Aakaksha Desire. Aakanksha Wish; Desire. Aakansha Wish; Desire. Aakarsha Above Everybody. Aakarshaka Attractive. Aakarshana Attraction. Aakarshika Having Attractive Power. Aakashi Sky Colour. Aakeen Faith. Aakhya Fame; Glory. Aakriti Shape; Form; Design; Diagram. Aakruthi Shape. Aakruti Shape. Aakshi Existence. Aaleahya Sunshine. Aalia Exalted; Highest Social Standing.

Aaliya High; Tall; Towering; Excellent. Aaloka Lustrous. Aamaal Hopes; Aspirations; Wishes. Aamani Spring Season. Aamaya Night Rain.

Aamini Spring Season. Aamna Peace; Soft; All. Aamodini Pleasureable. Aamrapali Leaf of Mango Tree. Aamukta Shelter. Aamuktha Non Conquered. Aamya Soft; Night Rain. Aanadi Always Happy.

Aanandamayee Blissful Mother. Aanandini Blissful; Joyful. Aanandita Purveyor of Joy. Aanandmayi Happy Nature. Aanavi One with a Heart Like Ocean. Aanchal Protective Shelter of Mother. Aanishka An Atom. Aaniya Beautiful; Grace; Lord Hanuman. Aanshal Add Meaning. Aanshi God's Gift. Aanshika A Part. Aanu Full of Pride. Aanwika An Atom. Aanya Different; Goddess Durga; Graceful.

Aaoka Lustrous; Shining. Aapeksha Passion; Being Passionate. Aapt Friend; Faithful; Trustworthy. Aapta Angel; Proximity. Aapti Completion; Fulfilment. Aaraadhana Worship; Prayer. Aarabhdha Patience. Aarabhi Musical; Raaga; Famous Note. Aaradhana Respectable; Worship; Prayer. Aaradya Devotee; Worship; Goddess. Aaral Flower. Aarana Name of Goddess Lakshmi. Aarani Beautiful. Aarashi First Ray of Sun. Aarav Ray; Hope; Peaceful.

Aaravi Peace.

Indian baby names, Hindu baby names

Your little baby girl has just entered this world. Now you definitely want a beautiful name for your precious daughter. When it comes to Hindu names for a baby girl, there are endless options you can choose from.

So you think Baby Girl Names in Hindi are great? AND you want a super long list of quality Hindu names right?

Names of the mother Goddess shakthi are the best names the girl child could have. The Sanskrit names of the Goddess are listed here in alphabeticla order. Sanskrit names of Lord Shiva Boy baby names. Please click this Icon to play Radio. Shaiva Lahari.

Indian Hindu Baby Girl Names

Finding unique Hindu baby girl names that start with I is an ardent task. Some parents like traditional names but of late, parents pick short and meaningful names. Finding unique names starting with I is definitely an ardent task. Hope this helps! Inaya: One of my friends introduced me to this name and I loved it the minute I heard it! It comes with a beautiful meaning too. Isha: Your adorable baby deserves an adorable name. This might be just the one!

Hindi Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Beloved, Devoted to Love, Friend, The one to be acknowledged or praised; beloved; devoted to love. Bhishma abducted her from her swayamvara along with her two sisters to be his brother's bride. Goddess Durga, One who possesses bhag which is Said to have six attributes, Viz. A dot on the forehead.

Your little cutie pie has come to the world and yes, you need to give this pretty damsel a name that adorns her the best.

India is one of the most diverse countries in the world. So when it comes to choosing baby names, the options seem limitless. That means multiple different origins and meanings.

Hindi Girl Names Starting with N

Congratulations on being blessed with a little girl! Now that you are parents of a little princess, there is a lot of pressure on you to choose a perfect name for your baby. This name will be a part of her for the rest of her life. Although naming your newborn is a daunting process, it can also be fun.

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Expecting a baby is just the beginning of expecting some of life's most precious moments. Looking for the perfect Hindi baby name? At SchoolMyKids, we understand requirements for all parents for naming your new born baby Girl. This is a complete collection of all Hindi Baby Names for Girls , covering traditional or modern or religious, modern, trendy, popular, cute, short and sweet and easy to pronounce Hindi baby Girl names to help you make the right choice! All Hindi baby Girl names can be viewed alphabetically with their meanings and can be further filtered with various options. You can also click on the baby name to know more about that particular baby name with meanings.

40 Modern Indian Baby Girl Names That Are Still Rare in the US

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Jan 10, - Here is a comprehensive list of unique and modern Indian Baby Girl Names. Latest and Best list updated for

Baby girl names of Still confused about what to name your daughter? Check the list and find out which name suits your little girl the best. Also Read baby boy and baby girl names of Also Read 60 Muslim baby girl names of

23 Unique Hindu Baby Girl Names that Start with I

The Hindu religion is not just about worship and divinity. It is a way of life. Unfortunately, Hindu baby names have become increasingly unpopular.






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